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S.C. police useless

S.C. police useless


November 8, 2002

I wanted to comment on Jason Schultz’s story Oct. 24 where he
reported that City Council candidate Phil Baer’s car was vandalized.
I live in the Seabright neighborhood of Santa Cruz. My girlfriend’s car
was broken into earlier this year and more than $500 in damage was
done. The officer who came made no attempt at taking fingerprints or
any other physical evidence even though he informed us we were
probably the sixth victim that he was aware of. Maybe I could have
understood his apathy if we were the first victim, but the sixth? To
me, that constituted a crime spree. A few months later, my neighbor’s
car was broken into. Same MO: windows broken and stereo stolen. Did
the police do anything? No! I guess so much happened in Santa Cruz
that the police here just can’t be bothered by something like this. So,
Mr. Baer, I sympathize with you, but don’t think that Santa Cruz
police will do anything.


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nothing to gain

Of course they don't care. "To protect and serve" is a myth, anymore. SCPD are only interested in stealing money and property (the "war on drugs"), and getting their kicks harrassing bums and street kids downtown so they can feel powerful while their landowner bosses (who pull the strings) worry about attracting shoppers who are afraid to share the public sidewalks with the poor and non-conformist.

Big, dumb, violent, meat-headed predator bullies have always served the rich and powerful. Meanwhile, you and the rest of us are forced to pay their salaries and buy their weapons and toys because those in power dont want to foot the whole bill. What's new?



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