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Santa Cruzians Join Model Citizens’ Weapons Inspection Team at LLNL

Santa Cruz activists prepare to attempt a weapons inspection at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. See story below.
Santa Cruz activists prepare to attempt a weapons inspection at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. See story below.
Over 30 Santa Cruz activists, arriving in one 15 passenger van and four cars and ranging from students to activists with 35 or more years of experience, joined a 200+ person delegation today to request unfettered access to conduct weapons inspections at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California.

Under contract with the University of California, LLNL is one of two primary nuclear weapons labs in the U.S. (the other is Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico). Current projects include the development of the “Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator,” for which Congress has allocated $15 million. LLNL is also identified, according to their own FY2002 – 2007 Institutional Plan, as the design lab for four nuclear weapons systems in the current U.S. stockpile.

“We’re basically making a demand to the U.C. labs and the Federal Government at large that they permit inspectors to catalogue and disclose all of their weapons of mass destruction programs. Basically the same [thing] that the United States is doing to the rest of the world right now,” explained UCSC student Sandino Gomez. “I think there should be full disclosure of all weapons of mass destruction programs…Why not?…That’s what we’re doing here today, we’re going to demand inspectors to have the right to access these facilities. I think it’s only fair in international standards.”

After a rally held outside the west entrance, the inspections team approached the Lab and presented a letter addressed to LLNL Director Michael R. Anastasio. Using language directly from the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 on Iraq, adopted on November 8, 2002, they announced their intent to gain “Immediate unimpeded, unconditional, and unrestricted access to any and all, including underground, areas, facilities, buildings, equipment, records, and means of transport.”

The letter goes on to cite Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which entered into force and became U.S. law in 1970, that commits all signatories to nuclear disarmament. Also provided was a partial list of the known LLNL facilities that they wished to inspect and note was made of a 1998 quote by (then) LLNL Director Bruce Tarter in front of a Senate subcommittee, “…as UNSCOM’S difficulties in Iraq demonstrate, face-to-face cooperation is unlikely or unfeasible with suspected proliferants…”

The letter ends by saying that, “We hope that we will not find this to be the case at the Livermore Lab. Thank you in advance for your cooperation."

The Model Citizens’ Weapons Inspections Team was met by two lines of fully clad riot police and a representative from the lab, who took the letter but did not stay to answer any questions.

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More stills from LLNL

(article 1)
(article 1)
Inspector, march and police line

More stills from LLNL

(article 2)
(article 2)
Inspector, march and police line

More stills from LLNL

(article 3)
(article 3)
Inspector, march and police line

Access to residential compounds?

How about a demand to unfettered access to all residential compounds of the Bush cabinet members? And if they refuse an answer by Friday, can we call on the UN Security Council to declare the U.S. to be in "material breach" of the UN resolution on disarming these WMD(weapons of mass destruction)?

What about these legitimate citizens' concerns, Ms. Condo Rice & Warlord Rumps?

It should be noted that the UC Regents are largely responsible for the management of nuclear weapons facilities including Lawrence Livermore, Sandia and Los Alamos. The line of helmeted cops guarding the entryway wore the insignia not of the federal or municipal government, but of the University of California.

ps see me in the pix? i'm the one in the gas mask

Great work!

Thanks to all of the patriots who by noble effort sought to clear our homeland of weapons of mass destruction!
Only when we can apply the same fair standards to ourselves as we do to the rest of the world will we ever hope to win the war on terrorism.Congradulations!!!


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