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Earth First! Radio News for Tuesday, 19 Nov. 2002

Earth First! Radio News for Tuesday, 19 Nov. 2002
1119efrn.mp3 (1758 k)
M-Activist Fasts for Old-growth
T-NCEF! Action Update, SoCal Treesitter
W-Ecuador Protests, PL Comtempt Hearing
T-FS Overgrazes SW, OR Dams to Go
F-New FS Rules Could Harm Forests

EF! Radio News is a set of five minute newscasts produced for non-profit community radio stations. There are five shows produced each week intended to be broadcast at the same time every day M - F. We feature stories about defending. Please ask your local station to broadcast Earth First! Radio News. They are free to download and rebroadcast.

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