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UCSC Joins National Day of Resistance Against the War

UCSC Joins National Day of Resistance Against the War
On Wednesday, November 20, UCSC's student anti-war coalition, Standing United for Peace, joined student groups nation-wide in a National Day of Resistance against war in Iraq. In addition to resisting the war, SUP's other points of unity include defending civil liberties and opposing racist scapegoating.

At 12:30 at McHenry library, a call to arms over a bullhorn summoned UCSC anti-war activists into action. Some donned military uniforms to enact the absurdity of the oil-fueled drive to war. Porcine underground media star Corpy, Profit Man, Greed Girl and special guest George Dubya Satan were also in attendance to liven up the festivities. As the noise picked up, a man emerged from the library, complaining, "Do you have to do this here?" The crowd screamed,"YES!"
The cavalcade set off chanting, loud and energetic, to circumnavigate all colleges. The goal was to reach the maximum of the campus community, raising awareness and generating support for concrete action. Along the way, marchers poured into cafeterias and through quads, into thoroughfares and past classrooms. Some joined the march, until it was 150 strong. Many resisted exhortations and remained in their classrooms, though the disruption to business as usual was undeniable.
The action then moved into Quarry Plaza, where the troops "killed" everyone in a short die-in. Finally, about 120 people continued for the full trek down to Bay and High. Taking the road, they slowed the traffic to the point where aline of buses and cars was forced inched along in their wake and could not pass. Then, realizing they were probably forcing the vehicles to burn up lots of extra gas, they moved aside in courteous spontaneity.
At the bottom, tired and hungry marchers heard slam poetry and political statements at an open mic. Robert Norse gave the call to bring demands to Representative Sam Farr's office, but due to tiredness and lack of organized transportation, the delegation was not large. In any case, the office had been closed in anticipation of protesters: see related story.
Organizers noted that while they considered the event a success, they would like to see changes in the high level of apathy on campus, and the low level of connection between the campus and the rest of the community.

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Protesters to return to Farr's Office Today (Friday) 2:30 PM

We're going back. Join us. 3rd floor, County Building at 701 Ocean St. Then go to Peace Friday at Ocean and Water Sts or Stay at Farr's office until he addresses the real issues.


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