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When Drugs Go Bad

When Drugs Go Bad


by Nuz

What should law enforcement officers do, if they find a bunch of towering marijuana plants growing in your backyard? A) Destroy all the plants and arrest you on sight? B) Destroy only some of the plants, if you can prove that you really are a medical marijuana patient? C) Count and photograph the plants, take some samples, and ask you to show a medical marijuana recommendation, ASAP?
Sheriff’s deputy Kim Allyn says C is the preferred option in liberal ol’ Santa Cruz County. (Let us not forget that it was machine gun-toting feds, not the Sheriff’s Department, that whacked WAMM’s 167 plants back in September 2002.)
So, why then did the Sheriff’s Department chop 30 plants belonging to medical marijuana patients Wilfredo DeJesus and Kali mBula, only two weeks after the WAMM raid?
“Because they were in their house with an expired prescription, shitloads of magic mushrooms and a bunch of cash. What were we supposed to do?” says an exasperated Allyn. “If the pair had wanted to be diligent medical marijuana patients, they should have kicked out the people selling the mushrooms, not grown an army of plants, and kept their prescriptions up to date.”
Readers may recall that DeJesus and mBula were found with lapsed medical marijuana recommendations, 12 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms and $12,000 cash in their residence. But another tenant ended up being booked for the ‘shroom possession. And after DeJesus and mBula provided updated prescriptions and enlisted the help of attorney Ben Rice, a judge ordered their 10 pounds of pot returned, which it was by year’s end, which would have been a nice belated Xmas present, had it not all been “a la moldy.”
Wo/Men’s Medical Marijuana Alliance co-founder Valerie Corral agrees that it isn’t a good idea to cloud the issue with something like an expired prescription when you’re growing marijuana.
“But that still doesn’t take away your right to take your medicine,” says Corral, adding that there are many reasons why a person’s medical
marijuana recommendation could have lapsedincluding the fact that some doctors may charge $250 to prescribe the green stuff.
But while DeJesus, who has had several run-ins with the Sheriff’s Department before, wishes the deputies had at least left him “seven plants like before,” Rice, who is on WAMM’s legal defense team, says the group fears a numbers system would be inappropriate and too conservative.
Some jurisdictions, including the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, have already established guidelines as to how many plants a medical marijuana patient can grow, but, as Rice points out, legislating the number of plants doesn’t address how much pot you will actually end up with.
“That’s influenced by whether you grow in a container indoors, or outdoors and in the ground, and whether plants are in shade or in sunlight,” says Rice, who describes DeJesus’ and mBula’s dopeless dilemma as “outrageous.”
“Cutting down plants puts people who are ill in the position of having to buy medicine on the street, where they risk getting ripped off or buying stuff that’s been chemically messed with, via fertilizers and steroids. That’s bad if you’re already sick. The deputies should have simply counted the plants and let the DA’s office make the call.”
Meanwhile, deputy Allyn acknowledges that “with the DEA eliminating all of WAMM’s resources, a lot of patients are giving their excess plants to the beleaguered cooperative. But trying to regulate medical marijuana is like a can of oilit’s hard to maintain integrity.”
“And don’t go screaming at the sheriff’s office because your marijuana’s gone soggy,” says Allyn. “Are we in the business of managing a marijuana farm?”
Well, hopefully not, ‘cause judging from that mold it would be the crappiest marijuana farm ever! However, as huge fans of Super Troopers, Nüz has to admit that would be pretty cool. (Meow.)


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“And don’t go screaming at the sheriff’s office because your marijuana’s gone soggy,” says Allyn. “Are we in the business of managing a marijuana farm?”

(Realizing that Sheriff Allyn did not post this msg to the SCIMC.)

YES YOU ARE! You take our property under the pretense that you are holding it until charges are filed, a trial is held, and a verdict is rendered. Then, if the verdict is Innocent, YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF RETURNING THAT PROPERTY TO THE ACCUSED! COMPLETE AND INTACT!

And if you were honest and decent members of society, you'd also appologize to the innocent for any inconvenience you caused them, AND COMPENSATE THEM ACCORDINGLY.

But instead you take our property, you hold it hostage, you damage, destroy, even sell it - in essence, you declare yourselves judge and jury and PUNISH US - before the accused is even convicted.

*IF* they are even convicted! Bloody hell, often you don't even bother to file charges, you just steal our property and either sell or destroy it right away!

You are NOT acting as public servants, or keepers of the peace. You are THIEVES.

Many people in this community, innocent people who have done no wrong, are forced to live in fear because of the violence you and the other Santa Cruz Sheriff gangsters routinely visit on the unarmed, helpless, and often even tax-paying citizens of this county. You're nothing more than a pack of heavily armed adrenaline junkies getting your kicks by terrorizing helpless people.

Every time you assault someone's home because they were growing one of your "evil" plants, every time you extort and rob an independent businessman because they were merely buying and selling bags of "evil" dried leaves with consenting adults, every time you steal and sell someone's car because you stopped them under threat of violence, searched their trunk for no good reason, and found a fucking pipe with resin from something other than tobacco in it..

every time you "enforce a drug law", you don't keep the peace. You make yourself the enemy of peace, by destroying our peace.

Marijuana has mind-altering properties... SO FUCKING WHAT?! So do beer, cigarettes, and coffee! Goddamn, so do vitamins! IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

My advice to you, Sheriff Allyn: Get an honest job and earn your keep like the rest of us, you fucking parasite.


More Nuz Schmoozing

Deputies did collude in the Corral raid and Sheriff Mark Tracy declined to publicly repudiate this policy. Local activist Richard Quigley has done an excellent analysis of Tracy's policy here, pointing out that the feds, in the absence of a specific court order
around Proposition 115, were in violation of state law.
Good Times, Metro Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the San Jose Mercury-News (as well as The Alarm) have fastidiously avoided any discussion of the complicity of local authorities--including Deputies, SCPD, Board of Supes, and City Council in criminalizing medical marijuana use IN FACT, regardless of what they say for media consumption.
City Council’s notorious “zone away the buyers clubs” law of 2000 has made sure that only the small WAMM group can operate (leaving 80% of medical marijuana patients shit
out of luck).
Sarah Phelan, Laurel Cheskey, and Phar Meiss, should be particularly ashamed of their failure to expose the facts here.
For more information, check santacruz indymedia stories:
“A Letter to City Council” by Kate Wells Dec 10-02 (posted as comment)
"City Council: Time to Act Locally on Medical Marijuana!"
by Robert Norse 10:05pm Fri Oct 11 '02
"Time For Real City Council/Supervisor Action Not Political Posturing" by Robert Norse 10:41pm Tue Sep 17 '02 (Modified on 2:18pm Fri Sep 20 '02)


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