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West Coast Anti-War Student Conference

West Coast Anti-War Student Conference

Friday January 17, 2003
San Francisco State University, Rosa Parks Conference Room
West Coast Anti-War Student Conference

Friday January 17, 2003
San Francisco State University, Rosa Parks Conference Room
Students Against War at SFSU is planning to host a conference for west coast college campus organizations. As Bush is preparing the war on Iraq, which will most likely take place by late January if not sooner, we think that it
is absolutely crucial that the grassroots student anti-war movement set up an organizing network to be able to take on the Bush war machine to the best of our ability.

This is a conference to discuss mass orgainzation between college campuses, set up a network of campus groups against the war on the West Coast as well as to plan for futher action against the war with Iraq.

One of the most exciting aspects of this conference is that students on the East Coast in Washington D.C. at George Washington University will be having an organizing conference on the same day, and through modern technology we
could potentially coordinate actions and organize work at the national level.

We ask that two delegates are sent to represent each campus and have decision making power in order to have balance and some democracy at this meeting. The representatives can be from any anti war organization on your campus. Anyone else who would like to attend is of course, encouraged to, but only the delegates will have decision making power.

One of the main reasons why SFSU Students Against War voted for this conference to be delegated is because we thought it would be more fair that way. An anti-war group of 5 or 6 people just getting started should have have much say as to
action planning and coordination as a group of 70 or 80 people, for instance.

As soon as your delegates are selected, please forward their name and contact information to leticiaarellano2000 (at) and noozle83 (at)

Leanna from SF State is currently drafting a proposal for decision making procedure which should be sent over the lists in the next couple of days.

Proposed Agenda:
A complete agenda of the conference will be later finalized, and we are open to any ideas that anyone might have. We feel that for this conference to beas successful as possible, agenda points and proposals have to generated by the conference participants themselves. Please bring your ideas and creative energy; we are looking forward to seeing you. Here is a proposed agenda put together by students from San Francisco State University, UC Berkleley,
Stanford University, and City College of San Francisco.

1.)Reports from campus groups

2.)Future Actions/coordination-note-a student from Stanford recently suggested that Emergency Response organization should be included on the agenda


Proposed Committees Include-

*national conference

*national zine/newsletter


*coordination between schools

4.)Contingent Organizing for January 18th West Coast March in San Francisco.-This contingent will be meeting at 10am on January 18th, at the corner of Bush and Battery Streets in downtown San Francisco outside of the Montgomery Street BART train station.

Please send ideas for agenda proposals to wcstudentconference (at)


We are asking for endorsements from any and all of your campus committees and coalitions, particularly those on the West Coast. Here are a list of endorsers so far, with some updates.

*San Francisco State University-Students Against War

*UC Berkeley Stop the War Coalition

*University of California, Davis

*University of California, Santa Cruz

*California State University, Humboldt

*Notre Dame de Namur University-Belmont, CA

*University of California, San Diego

*Seattle Central Community College

*University of Washington

*Portland State University

*University of Vermont

*George Washington University

*Northeastern University

Please send any other endorsements to wcstudentconference (at)

We will also be organizing housing for anyone who needs a place to stay. Lara from UC Berkley is the point person for housing. She can be reached at mellowlark (at) If you will need housing in the Bay Area , please contact her as soon as possible. Thanks.

General Information

When: Friday January 17, 2003

Time: 10:30am-6pm

Where: San Francisco State University, Rosa Parks Conference Room, in the basement level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center (just look for the big building in the middle of campus with a mural of Malcolm X and Cesar Chavez
on the front of it).


San Francisco State University is located at 1600 Holloway Ave., in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Its crosstreets are 19th Ave. and Holloway. It is located off of the 280 John Daly Boulevard Exit. It is accessible via several forms of public transportation:

MUNI bus lines-17, 28, 18, 29, 26

MUNI train line-M

There is also a shuttle that runs back and forth between Daly City BART station and SF State about every 10 minutes.

Contacts for endorsements and general information: Leticia Arellano leticiaarellano2000 (at) and LeAnna Sharp noozle83 (at)

Students Against War, SFSU

Hope to see you there!

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