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New Programming Collective in Santa Cruz

The first meeting of the Santa Cruz Programming Collective will be THURSDAY, February 6th. 7:00pm at the Wired Wash Cafe (downtown, pacific+laurel).
Hello everyone!

We're starting a non-hierarchal collective to organize/promote shows and other events (film festivals, activist workshops, DIY skillshares, gatherings, book/zine fairs, etc) around Santa Cruz.

The collective will provide a resource for the Santa Cruz community, local and touring independent artists/musicians, and a forum for DIY art, music, and politics.

This town needs more fun, crazy shows. So many awesome tours come through the area but dont stop in santa cruz, so lets bring em here!

All are welcomed to be part of the collective- come and
bring your skills, knowledge, and creativity!

The first meeting of the programming collective will be next THURSDAY, February 6th. 7:00pm at the Wired Wash Cafe (downtown, pacific+laurel).

That night we'll decide what the regular meeting time will be. Some people have made flyers that are getting distributed, email me if you want to help with that.

Spread the word!- please forward this info to any and all friends who would be interested.

We believe that art, music, and activism should be for everyone, not just the professionals, experts, and other elite motherfuckers.

Let's build some real community. Stop being a passive observer here and now, empower yourself and others...DIY!!!

See you thursday! Bring a friend!

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