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Peace Friday and more!!

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003
From: Susan Zeman <susanzeman (at)>

Dear Friends of Peace,

The US government already has soldiers operating in Iraq under the guise
of the CIA. US planes are dropping bombs there every single day. The
Pentagon plans to drop 3000 precision-guided bombs and missiles in the
first 48 hours of an air campaign, ten times the number dropped in the
devastating opening two days of the 1991 Gulf War. This time, though,
since the US intends to occupy the oil fields, uh, I mean the country,
after the invasion, the Pentagon plans to avoid destroying too much
civilian infrastructure. This is in sharp contrast to their 1991 policy
of wiping out every water treatment facility and energy plant they could

Meanwhile, while we all focus on Iraq the economy continues to tank.
Government deficits grow, schools close, workers loose their jobs and
their homes, the prison population rises, US children grow up learning
societal disregard for the issues of poverty, racism, violence, and
economic and political corruption where the right kind of money can buy
you any kind of toothpaste or politician you want and they're all
advertised 24-7 in a constant bombardment of filth and dismay every time
you open your eyes or ears.

So what's a gal to do? (Or a man, woman, or child, for that matter?)
Well, as social programs and government oversight are cut back so that we
can fund an imperialist war over oil, we must take the streets and demand
our country back. Ok, I know, it's never been a perfect country, and
we've had some serious disconnections between theory and practise, but
we've had some pretty decent theory. Our founding document, the
Declaration of Independence, clearly states that Governments derive
"their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any
form of government becomes destructive of these ends, (the rights of
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) it is the right of the
people to alter or to abolish it and institute a new government."

So that begs the question- DO YOU CONSENT? Do your neighbors consent?
Your coworkers? If not, then we must begin the steps of altering or
abolishing the government and instituting a new one. And, quite frankly,
I don't just mean getting rid of George Bush and replacing him with
someone like the man who actually won the 2000 election. Seeing as how
we've been dropping bombs on innocent Iraqi's for over a decade, all
through Bill Clinton's reign in the White House, I'd hardly call the
Democratic Party keepers of peace, freedom and justice in the universe.
We need to change everything and it's not going to happen overnight.
Many people in our community have already dedicated entire lives to this
process and the rest of us must all stand up and join them.

It's time for us to demand a government that gives our children a range
of choices besides under funded schools, one that doesn't prosecute low
level deviants while letting corrupt CEOs go free, that is concerned with
health care and housing for all its citizens, and that values life,
liberty, and justice for all people.

Come make this call together with others in the Santa Cruz and wider
Monterey Bay area community on Feb. 15th at 11am at the County Courthouse
at 701 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. From there we will march up to
Mission Plaza where we will have a rally with speakers and musicians
including Master of Ceremonies Bob Fitch of the Resource Center for
Non-Violence, Nane Alejandrez of Barrios Unidos, Veteran for Peace Chuck
Carter, Monterey NAACP President Mel Mason, Santa Cruz Mayor Emily
Reilly, Spoken Word Artists Palomar and Sandino Gomez, Singer/Songwriters
David Beaudry, Mark Levy, Diane Patterson, David Winters, Woody Wood,
and more, followed by an outdoor concert by Latin fusion band Tocará.
The event will also feature food, political tables, opportunities for
involvement in future political actions, and lots of activities for
children in both artistic and cooperative play.

Bring your family, bring your neighbors, bring your hope and belief in

Also, regular weekly opportunities to participate in the local peace

PEACE FRIDAY, from 5-6pm at the corner of Ocean and Water Streets in
central Santa Cruz.
FRIDAYS, from 4.30-5.30 at the Plaza in Watsonville.
FRIDAYS, from 4.45-5.30 at the corner of Porter/Old San Jose and Soquel.
SATURDAYS, from 12-2pm at the corner of 41st Ave. and Clares in Capitola.

(I know there are more such events around town. If you have any such
information, please email it to me at susanzeman (at) and I will
include it in this mailing.)

Also, if you are looking for opportunities to help with the Feb. 15th
event I would love to talk to you. Checks can be sent to the Resource
Center for Non-Violence at 515 Broadway, Santa Cruz, 95060. "Peace
Coalition" must be written in the memo line of the check and on the
envelope. If you are able to help us on that day, please call 423-1626
ext. 308 and leave message. I will get back to you ASAP.

Also, if you are looking for local transportation to the Feb. 16th event
in San Francisco, we are organizing that also. This time you can buy the
tickets in person from the Resource Center for Non-Violence (515
Broadway.) They are open M-F from 12-5pm. Questions can be directed to
423-1626, ext. 308.

I guess I'll be seeing a lot of you all for the next couple of weeks.
I'm looking forward to it.

Susan Zeman
Santa Cruz Peace Coalition


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Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for dedicating your time to making this information public knowledge!
I will be there Saturday, because all of the people such as yourself, that have made it super easy to show up and show my support… Thank you for all that you do!!!


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