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DORM BLiTZ to Dump Sodexho!

Tuesday we're gonna DORM BLITZ the other half of UCSC, and we need YOUR help!

Meet in front of the Baytree Bookstore at 5:00pm
The UCSC Dorm Blitz on Sunday went great, we collected about 700 petitions and covered about half of the whole campus!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we're gonna do the other half of campus, and we need YOUR help!

Meet in front of the Bookstore at 5:00pm for a brief prep session and then we'll split off into groups and go all over campus!

Come be a part of gettting rid of Sodexho and making UCSC a more just place to live, learn, and work! Come be a part of history!

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that's so cool! you guys are so awesome. keep rocking....


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