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SC Indymedia on TV tonight! Every Wed 7p ch27

See YOUR video news contributions aired on television tonight, thanks to the Santa Cruz Indymedia Newsreal project! Every Wednesday at 7p on local channel 27.
The Santa Cruz Independent Media Center is teaming up with the resources at community Television to help put the media into the hands of the citizens of Santa Cruz County.
Santa Cruz Indynewsreal is a monthly, local news show that will feature video segments produced by you, the citizens of Santa Cruz Couty. Th goal is to cover news that is unreported, underreported or misrepresented by the mainstream, corporate media outlets. News that is relevant to our lives.

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a good thing

This sounds like a great idea. Will the segments be digitized and posted to this site? I'll be watching or at least taping the show tonight. Good luck!


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