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No Pride in the Occupation

Tuesday, March 4
4:00 - 6:00pm
College 8 Red Room (UCSC)
"No Pride in the Occupation"

A talk with video clips by

Dalit Baum,
co-founder of the Israeli activist group
Kvisa Shchora /Black Laundry

Free, Refreshments provided.

Kvisa Shchora (Black Laundry) is an Israeli feminist direct action group of lesbians, gay men and transgenders against the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government.

Their slogan is, "No Pride in the Occupation."

For more information on Black Laundry, see the article from Z magazine at the url below:

And see these photos:

Dalit Baum holds a doctorate in mathematics and is a feminist activist/teacher and a cofounder of Black Laundry.

She is also active in the Coalition of Women for Just Peace, Isha L'Isha feminist center and The Community School for Women.

She currently teaches feminist theory at the Lafer Center at the Hebrew University, facilitates several CR groups and works as editor-in chief of the forthcoming Hebrew reader in feminist studies to be published by IAFGS.

Sponsored by Community Studies, GLBT Resource Center, Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community, and Women's Studies

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Just try to be a Lesbian in an Arab country

Israel is the only country in the mideast where it is legal to be an out of the closet gay or lesbian.

Women's rights in Arab countries are abominable. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars, or to be out in public without a male guardian. In 2002, 15 Saudi teenagers died, trapped in a burning building, because the authorities would not let them out because they did not have proper head coverings (see BBC 3-15-02)

In Sudan, a woman who gets pregnant outside of marriage, once the baby is born, she is buried in the sand up to her neck and then they throw rocks at her head until she is killed.

But I understand that this group is focusing their criticisms only at Israel. And in Israel, where Arab women were the first women able to cast a vote in the entire Mideast, where Arab women can own property, marry outside their faith, and have the highest female literacy rates in the Arab world, the Black Laundry group has decided to expose human rights abuses committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians.

When is Black Laundry going to address the much more egregious violations of women's and gay rights in the Arab countries?


Just try to be an Arab - man or woman, gay or straight - in a Jewish country.

> When is Black Laundry going to address the much more
> egregious violations of women's and gay rights in the
> Arab countries?

Maybe after the much MUCH more egregious violations of Arabic men's, women's, gay's, and straight's rights in Palestine/Canaan/Israel are addressed?

Chauvanism and homophobia suck, but not half as badly as wholesale ethnic cleansing - mass murder, mass expulsion of civilians from their homes, and mass robbery of land and theft of property.

It's about priorities. The greater evil gets the greater attention.

Once the racist crimes of the Jews of the Middle East are brought under control, I'm sure we'll see increased attention for the chauvanist and homophobic crimes of Arabs in the Middle East.

But for the time being - for the last 60 years, in fact - Israel has managed to steal the show.


Reply to Van

Wan, you wrote: Just try to be an Arab - man or woman, gay or straight - in a Jewish country.

There is only one Jewish country in the whole world: Israel.
The population of Israel is 18% Arab. These Arab Israelis can practise their Islamic religion (unlike Jews in Saudi Arabia for instance), can own property, vote, and have representatives in the Knesset. So, I can confidently state that an Arab living in a Jewish country is MUCH better off than a Jew living in an Arab country.

You also wrote: Chauvanism and homophobia suck, but not half as badly as wholesale ethnic cleansing - mass murder, mass expulsion of civilians from their homes, and mass robbery of land and theft of property.

There is NO ethic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel. In fact, the Palestinian population has increased four-fold since 1967. There is no mass murder either. Israel is defending itself from Arab attackers who are waging an estimated 21 attempted terror attacks daily. Despite the co-ordinated effort to attack Israelis, the IDF chooses to use intelligence to target individual terrorists that the PA refuses to arrest.

What "mass expulsion of civilians from their homes" are you talking about? Certainly not the 900,000 Jews who were banished from Arab countries in 1948 and all their property confiscated.

You obviously are asserting that the West Bank and Gaza are the proper property of the Palestinians. If this is so, why did they REFUSE a Palestinian state in 1948, 1993, and again in 2000?

The IDF takes great care to minimize civilian casaulties (much better than the USA). This is born out by the Palestinian casaulties are only 2.5% women. If the IDF were really committing mass murder of civilians, don't you think those numbers would be closer to 50%?

Stop spreading unsubstantiated lies, Van.

Pregnant woman crushed to death in Israeli raid

You tell me, who are the terrorists???

Pregnant woman crushed to death in Israeli raid
by Justin Huggler, Gaza Strip Tuesday March 04, 2003

But a more unpalatable truth lurked in the bullet holes that spattered Peace Street, where 14-year-old Tariq Akil was killed, and in the ruins of the house where Nuha al- Magadmeh, nine-months pregnant, was crushed to death 10 days before she was due to give birth.

04 March 2003

A pregnant woman crushed to death when Israeli soldiers dynamited the house next door; a few streets away a smear of the blood on the road where a boy aged 14 was shot dead by tank fire – this was the scene in the Gaza Strip yesterday, when the Israeli army was celebrating what it considered to be a big success.

During a deep incursion into the Bureij refugee camp, the Israeli army detained Mohammed Taha, the first senior leader of the political wing of Hamas, the Palestinian militant organisation responsible for more suicide bombings than any other, to be arrested.

Also among those captured by the army was a man it said was the deputy of Mohammed Deif, leader of the armed wing of Hamas and Israel's most wanted man. Although Hamas denied the man was Mr Deif's deputy, there was little doubt that the incursion was a heavy blow to the militant group.

But a more unpalatable truth lurked in the bullet holes that spattered Peace Street, where 14-year-old Tariq Akil was killed, and in the ruins of the house where Nuha al- Magadmeh, nine-months pregnant, was crushed to death 10 days before she was due to give birth. These are what armies like to describe as "collateral damage", the civilians who are "unavoidably" killed in the course of a military operation.

Eight Palestinians were killed in the incursion. Local Palestinians said three were unarmed militants – the others were unarmed civilians. They also confirmed Israeli army reports that there had been heavy fighting between Israeli soldiers and armed militants resisting the incursion.

But there were disturbing signs that some of the civilian deaths were not unavoidable – that the Israeli army did not do enough to prevent them.

In the half-ruined house where Ms Magadmeh was crushed to death, her son, Naseem, 12, told us the family was sheltering in one room. "Suddenly there was a big explosion and the wall fell on us," he said. "My mother was crying 'Help me, Shukri [her husband], help me.'

"We were shouting for help from the neighbours but no one could come. My father tried to move pieces of wall." Israeli soldiers had dynamited a neighbouring house, which belonged to the family of a suicide bomber, Sami Abed al-Salam. He had killed himself when he tried to blow up a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip in December. The Israeli army routinely demolishes the homes of suicide bombers' families, a practice condemned as collective punishment by human rights groups.

The wall between the house that was blown up and Ms Magadmeh's collapsed on her. But that could have been avoided. "We did not go out because the Israeli soldiers ordered everyone to stay inside over a loudspeaker," said the dead woman's husband, who has a fractured neck. It appears the soldiers evacuated only those inside the house that would be demolished and those living on either side – not those whose houses backed on to the demolished building.

In the neighbouring Nusseirat refugee camp's Peace Street, where Tariq Akil, 14, was killed, his uncle, Usama Akil, told us he was fleeing because one of his relatives is a wanted militant. The entire family had abandoned their house and run, but the boy was the last to leave. As he ran up the street, a tank opened fire.

Mr Akil and other Palestinian witnesses said there was no fighting and no militants in the street at the time. Mr Akil said the fighting was in the next street. It is never possible to confirm such reports with certainty. But the disturbing evidence was lying a few metres up the road: the twisted metal remains of a tank shell. Beside them great rents were blasted out of the asphalt road, and through a gaping hole in the wall you could see through into Rajab Abu Hamdi's living room. The Israeli army fired a tank shell into a civilian house, running a high risk of civilian casualties. Mr Abu Hamdi had cowered in his living room, he told us. "It's a miracle I'm alive." He said there were no militants in the house at the time.

Mr Abu Hamdi said he believed the Israeli tank fired the shell at Tariq Akil. "There was no one else here. They were firing at anything that was moving," he claimed. "If a chicken had been in the street they would have fired at it."

Mohammed al-Rifai said his son Maher, 24, died after he was hit by shrapnel from tank fire when they went to see if they could help the wounded. "He was hit in the chest and in both legs," said the old man, who was injured in the foot." I was two metres from him. They were shooting at us." Mr Rifai said his son was a member of the Palestinian police force but was off duty at the time and was not carrying his gun.

The deaths came a day after a boy aged nine was shot dead during the funeral of two militants killed in the south of the Gaza Strip. Palestinians said he was shot by Israeli soldiers after a group of children started throwing stones at a settlement. The Israeli army said the soldiers had come under fire.

Hamas denied Israeli army claims that the main target of yesterday's operation, Mr Taha, was one of the seven founders of Hamas. Although leaders of the group's armed wing have frequently been arrested and assassinated by the Israeli army, Mr Taha is the first senior leader of the political wing to be detained.


Direct Action in Palestine

in the Occupied
Territories of

Eyewitness Reports by the

7:30 pm
MARCH 6 (Thursday)


Former Program Manager of Hillel, Santa Cruz. UCSC
Graduate and nonviolent activist.

UCSC Graduate Student and organizer.

Bay Area resident and Israeli Security Zone

International Solidarity Movement activist and

Event sponsored by:
The Committee for Justice in Palestine and
The Resource Center for Nonviolence

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is an organization of international volunteers taking direct action in defence of Palestinian rights in the Israeli occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ISM uses only non-violent tactics epitomized by leaders such as Gandhi, Archbishop Tutu, Dr. Martin Luther King, and other practitioners of creative non-violent resistance.

ISM works under the leadership of Palestinian peace activists, supporting them in their resistance to the Occupation, and lending support to Israeli and other peace activist groups. Groups of international volunteers take direct action by travelling to conflict areas with the aim of protecting Palestinian civilians from the physical violence of Israeli soldiers and settlers.

For more info check out the ISM website:

to becky johnson

Israel or Palistine, Who is the terriousts?
Well, It was the Jews who first intruced isteal to Collective punnishment. And it is the Jews who get aroud three to four billion a year in mostly military aid, (not to say anything about the nifty education most israelis Special forces recive at our verry owen School of the Americas). In fact, the Constution of Israel states that it is to be a Jewish nation. Thats right, a directly stated connection between the goverment and the Jewish religious orthoxidy. Not jewish, tough shit! this land is for Jews only. Only jews in the military. Only jews in elected office to appoint only jewish cabnit memembers. Only jewish people, Gods chosen people, count here friend so if your not Jewish, Sut up and clean my toilet and give me my big mac then get back to your getto. Like the Romans did to their slaves.
Like we did to our slaves. Like corprate America has done to us. WE need to face the facts that our hired gun in the middle east has become that whitch percuted the Jews, only this time with a better marketing team

Israel: home for the Jewish People

Dear John,

It is true that Israel, by its constitution is a Jewish RELIGIOUS state. There was a big power struggle back in 1947 and 1948 between the secular Jews and the religious Jews over this very issue. The religious Jews won by a narrow majority.

But you have to remember that at that time the Jewish people had just gone through the nazi holocaust which is arguably the worst human rights crime in the past 100 years.
There was a great deal of sympathy worldwide for the Jewish people to finally have a homeland. The Zionist movement helped to bring this about.

That means that any Jew in the world, whether a black Ethiopian, a Spanish Argentinian, or a white Canadian can move to Israel and become Israeli citizens. It does NOT mean that people of other religions can't move there and become citizens. Its just not automatic. Currently 18% of Israelis are Arab Palestinian Muslims. They have full citizenship rights, and have 12 elected members of the 120 seat Knesset.

The Jews believe they are the chosen people because, according to their religion, God gave them the Jewish Law.
Only the Jewish people were obligated to follow the Jewish law, however, anyone could follow the law if they chose to, but it was not obligatory.

They also believe that God gave them certain lands, who's borders are described in the Torah. These are roughly the borders of Israel back in King David's time.

The 3 billion in military aid Israel gets is from the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Israel agreed to give back the Sinai peninsula to Egypt (with all its oil and requiring Israel to dismantle Jewish settlements there) in return for $3 billion per year in military aid. Egypt, BTW, gets $2 billion. Surely you are not recommending that the USA and Israel break their peace treaty with Egypt are you?

There needs to be a resolution for the state-less Palestinian people. But it is not reasonable to do this by dismantling the only Jewish State in the world.

15 killed in bus bombing in Haifa 40 injured

This is in response to "Pregnant woman killed in Gaza by IDF demolition of house" on March 4, 2003

On March 5, 2003 in Haifa, Israel, which is in northern Israel and behind the green line (not anywhere near the disputed territories), a suicide bomber blew himself up, along with a bus of students on their way to college.

Let me compare these two horrific scenes of needless death and destruction and the willful violence behind them.

I blame the Palestinians for the bus bombing in Haifa. Cynical adults pressure idealistic young people to commit suicide--which is against all religions, even theirs -- and while doing so, kill as many civilian Israelis as possible. The more the better. Whether it was the PA or extremist splinter groups does not matter. Opinion polls among the Palestinians show a great majority currently support the suicide bombings.

For the pregnant woman, tragically killed in Gaza, I also blame the Palestinian people. It was their support of the suicide bombers that brought on their own destruction. For, Israel, in a very restrained response to mass murder of civilians, have opted to bulldoze the homes of known suicide bombers in an effort to deter future suicide bombings. There is already evidence that this has already worked to deter some suicide bombings.

It is not the policy nor the practise of the IDF to kill civilians or needlessly put them in harms way. The death of this mother to be was indeed tragic and most likely unintentional. The Palestinian people need to abandon violent tactics, and institute the rule of law which catches violent criminals, prosecutes them, and jails them.

Wearing blinders

You are sadly wearing blinders, Becky. Yes, MILITANT, FUNDAMENTALIST Palestinian people need to abandon their violent tactics. "Palestinian" does not equal "terrorist."
Get that through your head. And just as the militants among the Palestinian population need to give up using violence, the MILITANT, FUNDAMENTALIST Israelis need to give up using violence and withdraw from the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, as stated quite clearly by the UN in resolution 1435 which calls on Israel to withdraw to positions of September 2000 and end its military activities in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of security and CIVILIAN infrastructure.!OpenDocument

You seem to invoke the UN when it supports a position you take vis a vis the arms inspectors in Iraq, but then abandon a principled stance by the UN when you disagree. You can't have it both ways.

Jews win by narrow majority, soon repress all others

Becky, Your lack of compassion for the people in the slave state of Isreal is disheartening. By blaming the Palistine peoople for the murders commited by Isreali troops you endorse collective punishment, like when a cop gets shot in inner citys and the whole nehiborhood suffers for one persons crime. All violence is wrong. The Jewish people are not the chosen of the earth, just because they have a really old book to back them up. The Bible is not a land deed, The preganat woman and her unborn child were not victums of palistine, but Isreal. AS THE PARTY IN POWER, only ISREAL can instute peace. As far as your "survay" please post your source of this. Your arguement seems to boil down to "I don't care they are paid slave wages, I don't care they all want freedom. I don't care that violence was a basic part of setting up Isreal. I don't care about the shitty education system that keeps palistine in ingnorance. How dare they be angry at the jews for running over people in tanks. This war will go on untill they learn there place!"


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