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George Houser & Kenneth Kaunda at Rio this Monday

George Houser, in residence at Resource Center for NonViolence is a treat not-to-be-missed. Catch him at the Rio together with his long-time friend and leader of Zambian independence movement Kenneth Kaunda "the Ghandi of Africa."
Take advantage of George Houser's presence in town and go see him at the Rio on Monday March 3rd (Call RSNV 423 1626). His life path was set when his conscience led him to publicly resist the draft (and thus go to jail) when he could have taken a clergy exception (50 years ago). He was part of the first 'freedom ride' in the 1940s and participated in the first restaurant/diner sit-ins to end segregation.

Kenneth Kaunda, by all accounts, is also a character not to be missed but I have not met him yet. I am posting because I was deeply impressed with George Houser in my first encounter with him this past week at an informal evening event.

Here is a man who exquisitely embodies well being and the principled life. He is clear and present behind his eyes, succinct and self-effacing in his delivery, with obvious mental acumen. His faith and trust in life has not been diminished by decades of wrestling with grave injustice, including his own imprisonment, and the imprisonment and/or premature death of many courageous intimates. He enacted civil disobedience before it had a name or a definition in this society.

I spell all this out for you because this man was born in 1916! Yes, he is 86 years old. If you have been feeling that true elders are a little thin on the ground, you will find George Houser a refreshing and restorative panacea!

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