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Meeting: Stop The US War On Iraq And The War At Home

Anti-War Program: Community Forum and
Discussion with local activists.
Stop The US War On Iraq And
The War Here At Home.
Stop The US Assault On Iraq.
Free All Political Prisoners.
Abolish The Sleeping Ban and The Downtown Ordinances.
Thursday, March 6, 2003, 6:30-9:30PM, Vets Hall
846 Front St., Santa Cruz.
Anti-War Program: Community Forum and
Discussion with local activists.

Robert Norse and Becky Johnson,
Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom;
Local Poets, Poetry reading;
James Cosner, Santa Cruz Coalition to Free Mumia
Abu-Jamal and All Political Prisoners;

Steve Argue,
Peace and Freedom Party of Santa Cruz County;

Invitation to all human rights groups
to speak for 5 minutes.

Followed by 45 min
community discussion.

Sponsored by Santa Cruz Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and All Political
831-425-4467. $5 donation suggested. No one turned away.

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Tabling Towards a 24-Hour Vigil Against Two Wars

HUFF and Downtown For All are also doing more regular tabling "Against Two Wars" at Cooper and Pacific. (The War Against the Poor in Santa Cruz, the War Against Iraq) We hope to set up a 24-hour Vigil there. Sign-up to table downtown or be support the Vigil with Olivia Brownrabbit at 465-9522 or with Shelsea Hodge (of Standing United for Peace)at 230-2078. Or call HUFF at 423-HUFF.

Those with other events are invited to leave their literature at the table for distribution.

Becky Johnson is a racist

How can you put Becky Johnson on an anti-war panel???
She rabidly supports one of the world's most notorious war criminals, Ariel Sharon. She denies the very existence of PALESTINIANS, and actively campaigns for them to be ethnically cleansed. When you align yourself with such people you lose credibility. I'd encourage readers to go to this event instead.....
in the Occupied
Territories of
Thurs. MARCH 6 7:30 pm OAKES COLLEGE #105 UCSC
LISA NESSAN- Former Program Manager of Hillel, Santa Cruz. UCSC Graduate and nonviolent activist.
MAIA RAMNATH- UCSC Graduate Student and organizer. JOHN CARUSO-Bay Area resident and Israeli Security Zone infiltrator.
IRENE SIEGEL-International Solidarity Movement activist and

Come to Both Forums

Itís too bad that programs conflict (including the Wednesday student walk-out at UCSC and the recruiting office action in Capitola). Itís also heartening that so much is now going on.
I donít agree with Beckyís pro-Zionist views on Israel.
But this isnít a forum on that. She has long been an opponent of the Iraqi War (including the present sanctions and the bombing) as well as a persistent worker and strong speaker against the laws that criminalize the poor (sleeping, sitting, sparechanging bans). I think itís important to focus on subjects we agree on here.
If a Libertarian such as Ron Paul wanted to oppose both wars and speak, Iíd support that, even though I disagree with him on other issues.
I hope both forums are well-attended and that folks also spend time with a candle, a guitar, some literature, or whatever they fancy at Cooper and Pacific at the Vigil To End Two Wars.

waiting patiently

Robert Norse wrote:
>I donít agree with Beckyís pro-Zionist views on Israel.

Then you are just as culpable for not taking a strong position opposing her bullshit. If you are to lend yourself any credibility as a "homeless advocate" you will distance yourself from her. Explain to me how a homeless advocate for the poor in Santa Cruz can turn around and campaign for the destruction of poor people's homes in PALESTINE? (yes, Becky there is such a place)

Robert wrote:
>But this isnít a forum on that.

Oh? Why does the post say "Anti-War Program?" Are you opposed to *all* wars or just the the one that is suddenly popular to oppose? Do you not understand that upwards of $10 billion dollars in US taxpayer money goes to fund the Israeli military who turn around and steal *more* land, demolish homes, kill civilians and children and pregnant women, build segregation roads, and checkpoints etc...

Robert wrote:
>I think itís important to focus on subjects we agree on here.

Suddenly taking a conciliatory tone on the matter. Don't we both agree that $10 billion dollars would be better spent on, say, for example housing the homeless in the US???

I'm calling you out, Robert. You say you don't agree with Becky's pro-zionist position, well, what, exactly is *your* position on the issue?

Patiently waiting for a response,

Palestine and the War At Home

I have debated Becky Johnson on Israel. Both of us spoke at this forum. Becky did not discuss her views on Palestine and I thought she gave a pretty good talk.

Vinny you are right to state your position and I agree with you except for calling for a boycott of the event. Would you take a similar stand in boycotting an event that included rabidly anti-homeless city council members like Scott Kennedy, Emily Reilly, or Mike Rotkin? I know you haven't in the past, and I would not want you to do so. Becky is wrong about Palestine and I don't think we will change her mind any time soon. But I am also more forgiving of her than I am of people in power who are actually directing repressive policies such as Scott Kennedy, Emily Reilly, or Mike Rotkin who sit on our local "progressive" city council.

Why is it that Scott Kennedy never invites the local activists who are usually much more knowledgeable than his liberal professors on the nature of U.S. imperialism and capitalism to speak at any of his events? Why are real local activists slandered by the corporate press, often facing ridicule from much of the "progressive" left, and abused by the police? I think those of us who put our necks on the line challenging the system often need to be much more forgiving of the mistakes we see in fellow activists. We also need to clearly understand the difference between fellow activists and the opportunists in power.

If it takes perfect people to be worthy of trying to change the world, the world will never change.


Steve Argue wrote:
>I agree with you except for calling for a boycott of the event.

Steve, please point out to me where I called for a "boycott" in my comments??

RE: Vinny

Vinny, you asked people not to attend the event, but to attend another. Perhaps I was wrong to use a word as strong as boycott, but I felt this to be the essence of what you asked people to do. I hope the UCSC event went well.

still confused

Steve wrote:
>you asked people not to attend the event, but to attend another.

Please point out *my* exact comments, because I have read and reread them and don't know what you are talking about. I did, however, call on you, Robert, James and any other person who stands against war to distance themselves from Becky Johnson.

Becky Johnson

OK Vinny, I thought it was you that wrote the first comment about the UCSC event, I guess I was wrong. I am sorry.

As for publicly distancing myself from Becky, I already have and will continue to do so on the issue of Palestine. On other issues such as the rights of the poor in the United States Becky and I are often in agreement and I welcome her caring activism.


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