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Photos of Recruitment Center Closed for Peace

A collection of photos from my lunch break on Wednesday March 5th, the day of the National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq.
A collection of photos from my lunch break on Wednesday March 5th, the day of the National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq.
The Santa Cruz County recruiting offices for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines stayed closed all day due to a large rally and civil disobedience action held outside their offices at 41st and Clares Streets in Capitola.

They voluntarily closed their offices on Wednesday.

I do not think they will be as accommodating the rest of the week. But maybe they will...

Enjoy these photos of resistance to warfare.

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Empty War Head

Todos somos zapatistas.

We are here, speaking out for peace, in Capitola.

We are all over the globe.

We, the global voice for peace and justice, are the "opposition party" to the United States government.

Otro Mundo es Possible

Armed Forces recruiting center Closed 4 Peace

I never liked G.I. Joe.

No War veil

There was a broad range of ages in this demonstration.

People do not know what to do about school-aged protesters.

How about this? Let them protest!

Every single day the Earth and it's creatures suffer, in large part due to the Structural Adjustment Programs mandated by the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank.

Community based education is needed, not a re-investment in corporate/state sponsored schools.

Don't just "Save Our Schools," work to create better ones.

Closed for Peace

Can we take a message for you?

Door Block

We Love You: Don't Go to War.

Closed for Peace.

Sounds of Peace

Music is fuel for Resistance.

Bang the Drums of Peace.

Make A Smart Move.

Be All You Can Be!

Join the Resistance!

Car Wars

"There will be No Business As Usual Today, my brother."

-Gil Scott Heron

The Revolution will Not be Televised.

Round The Clock Vigil Against Two Wars

Press Conference Noon Friday March 7th.

I suppose it will take place at Cooper and Pacific Streets.

Drums of Peace

Go ahead, bang some drums for peace today.

What is Good for Business!

Invest your Son or Daughter Today!

Drum for Peace

Together now.

Deter U.S. Imperialism!

Fuck Capitalism!

No Bloodshed For Profits!


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