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Beehive Collective Flyers for the 18th, please distribute!

This is a call to distribute flyers and spread the word about an evening of education and resistance. This Tuesday, March 18th, the Beehive Design Collective & Ethan Miller will appear at the Resource Center For Nonviolence. (article 1)
If you haven't had a chance to check out the Beehive's murals and art, we can't recommend more that you come to this They will be presenting an illustrated storytelling of their huge Plan Colombia mural alongside a 6 foot tall fabric picture book. "the bees will take you on an interactive visual tour of the connections between colonization, militarization, and resource extraction in the Andean region of South America." the hive's website is at

Ethan Miller is a folksinger/songwriter "singing songs of hope and resistance." He will also be performing. Check him out at

Here are two PDF documents for this event - one is a poster and one is a handout flyer (there's four on the page). Please print out, photocopy, and distribute these if you can! Thank you.

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