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The Peace and Freedom Party is Back on the Ballot!

The Peace and Freedom Party will once again run candidates against the war-mongers of the Democrat and Republican Parties.
It is now official that as of February 10, 2003, the last statewide voter registration cutoff, the Peace and Freedom Party had obtained 79,462 registrations. This is 2,143 more than we needed to requalify for the ballot, so we have made it (although by the skin of our teeth).

Now the task is to build the party into an effective opposition to the bipartisan policies of war, environmental degradation, privileges for the rich, and union-busting.

The Peace and Freedom Party is a political party that has opposed every U.S. war since it was founded in 1967. It is also a party that stands for social and environmental justice in its opposition to capitalism.

Santa Cruz County currently has 625 Peace and Freedom Party registrants. In recent local elections the Peace and Freedom Party endorsed the campaign of Steve Argue for city council in part for his opposition to Santa Cruz's anti-homeless laws supported by the local "progressive" city council.

Despite running local candidates the Peace and Freedom Party had been excluded from the state election ballots for the past couple years, but has now regained ballot status. This has been achieved by registering people to vote with the Peace and Freedom Party affiliation. Ballot status will enable the Peace and Freedom Party to run candidates against the warmongers of the Democratic and Republican Parties in the Congress and the Senate as well as against crooks like Davis in the governor's house.

Registering with the Peace and Freedom Party can be done by checking other on the voter registration card and writing in Peace and Freedom Party. Those who have registered with the Peace and Freedom Party in the past but who have not voted in the last two elections
are struck from the voter roles by the government and are no longer counted by the state for Peace and Freedom Party ballot status. If there is any question about your registration to vote it doesn't hurt to register again. This will help keep the Peace and Freedom Party on the ballot in the future.

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