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Photos from Capitola K-Mart Demo

I took a handful of photos at today's demonstration outside of K-Mart in Capitola.
I took a handful of photos at today's demonstration outside of K-Mart in Capitola.
I went into K-Mart to look for the Easter baskets comtaining the action figures, but I could hardly find them. The articles about this demo gave me the impression that the Easter baskets with military men had replaced tradional baskets! I eventually did find the white guy with guns next to some candy in an Easter basket.

Shortyly thereafter, a group of mostly women gathered outside K-Mart armed only with bunny ears, poster boards, and leaflets on militarized Easter baskets.

Scroll down to see all the photos.

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Candy and Toys in Most Baskets

Although there were some militarized Easter baskets at the Capitola K-Mart, most were simply filled with genetically modified sugar fruit flavored candy and sweatshop-produced plastic toys.

Militarized Easter Basket

Sorry about the bad glare!

As you can see, children will receive Easter baskets containing a fully-armed military man.

If people see a photo of Palestinian baby dressed as a bomber, they think the people of Palestine are awful killers. However many of those same people would have no problem buying their children Militarized Easter baskets.

For Easter Bunnies, Against War Toys

We are for Easter Bunnies, Easter Baskets, Easter Cholocate.

We are Against War Toys.

We Want Bunnies

We Want Bunnies in Our Baskets, Not Guns!

Teach Kids Peace

Bunny Women

Adding some fun to the Peace Movement!

Mama Bunnies for Peace

Grab your ears and get down to K-Mart.

Or, just give K-Mart a call and request they pull military toys off the shelves.

Wonderful photojournalism

Your talents are wide ranging. I love these photos. How marvelous that you have recorded your courageous deeds. I couldn't be prouder.
Grammy P


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