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White Raven Cafe Practising Peace

Did you know that more people drop dead from heart attacks on Monday morning than any other time? It has been deduced that this is a direct result of "joyless striving" ~ here is one antedote.
White Raven Cafe in Felton, Monday morning. I run in for a little down time before work and there's a real live harpist playing there. Bob McMurtry; I've seen him before at Scottish Country Dancing; takes me a minute to realize I've danced with him someplace!

I'm not the only one melting in the harp melody in the midst of a crazy moment on planet Earth. Bob McMurtry is not playing in the cafe on a schedule. He just felt like a break from his domestic scene. But that's the nature of White Raven; that it can accommodate a man, his heart and his harp on a Monday morning. Drink your coffee or soy chai in sight of the sign that reads "violence begets violence" ~ we sit right now in a state of peace and I am thinking this is the antithesis of the Monday morning 'joyless striving' that is reflected in the heart attack prime time statistics. Every such moment in time is a tangible contribution to Peace.

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