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black bloc call

black bloc call to action when the bombs drop.
When the bombs start dropping in Iraq, join the black bloc at the town clock. Bring your ski masks and sling shoots cause were going to have fun.

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I support you in theory but think about what you're doing.....

not to say that property destruction doesn't have a place in todays troubled times, but here in Santa Cruz??? Can you give me some legitimate targets?? I just hesitate to attack our town, when we should be carefully targeting and
responding to REAL threats to our safety and security...

Go to SF, go to Vandenberg, hell, go to Washington DC.
But smashing up SC???

I'm not pro-war in the least and I believe in many anarchist philosophies, but smashing up someone's shit with out a reason (or even when you have a damn good reason, like a genocidal government) isn't the best response and it certainly isn't in line with the belief that you shouldn't do undue harm on someone's business or home who has nothing to do with this war.... now if you could find me some good targets of people in SC who do have legitimate connections to this war then lets talk...

I like to smash shit too, but if we're going to do it to other peoples stuff, we need to be careful about how we go about it...



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