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Lunch Hour Foolishness in Scotts Valley

Solo lunchtime protest in Scotts Valley gets surprisingly good support.
I'm a father and sole $provider these days so my job is important & my nights are busy. I've tried to get up the nerve to protest down the street from work all week & finally did it today.

There is a LOT of traffic at the corner of Scotts Valley Drive and Mt. Hermon @ lunch time, though some of that might have been parents picking up kids who seem to have gotten out of school early.

Though I got a few middle fingers, "nuke 'em," "bomb 'em" and "it's too late" shouts, I was happy to see a lot of peace signs, thumbs up & waves.

The funniest was the woman who shouted from her jacked-up mudless jeep that I should get out of Scotts Valley. She came through the intersection again a little later & asked why I hadn't hightailed it for Santa Cruz yet.

I'm going to try to be out every weekday noon-1pm as long as the craziness persists. Join me if you can.

"It's never too late for diplomacy" - Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.N.

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more foolishness is welcome

I have brought my sign to work everyday, lacking the courage to go it alone here in apparently, not completely soul-less scotts valley. my son and i , driving home yesterday, passed 2 girls with pro war signs(they looked like the kind of girls who wave you into school-fund raising carwashes)and I thought,I would really alone if I went out there.Thanks! See you.This made my heart dance!

Keep it up

We need more people like you. Things like this is what changes the world.

two girls...

I know those two girls with the pro-war signs. They're idealiatic, but still pretty innocent when it comes to the workings of the world. They're not really bad, just a little brainwashed.

SV latte style

Why not a new welcome to Scotts Valley, sign something like: ...Welcome to Scotts Valley, the most liberal right-wing hideout on earth...


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