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shattered windows and token resistance

my thoughts and experiences at the march and rally.
The announcement of war came sooner than expected for me. I had not adequately preparerd myself for taking action. Most of the people who were sincere about trying to disrupt the war machine went off to San Francisco or the Vandenburg action.

I stuck around Santa Cruz.

At the cloack tower people had gathered. I immediately noticed the liberal, authoritarian and reformist currents of the gathering. With some patriotic imagery of U$ flags and calls to impeach Bush, it was obvious that this crowd was lacking some analysis in my view. Replacing Bush will not stop the terrorism that all Governments utilize to their advantage. The calls for "peace" are shallow. To end the war on Iraq will not bring peace. Civilization is engaged in a war on all life. From genetic manipulation to deforestation, to enslaving and exploiting people, we exist in an omnipresent war. Regime changes are not adequate. There are specific institutions that perpetuate the war on Iraq and all life. These will not be stopped by rhetorical speaches, banner drops, and endless marches. If we want to stop the war machine, we have to attack the infrastructure that allows it to function.

So as I roamed through the crowd, I noticed a contigent of "peace police". These are people that have decided to impose their authoritarian agenda and pacifist ideology upon those marching. I advocate the free expression of individuals, not the herding of protestors. These people, should they lay their hand on me, like any cop, I declare them my enemy and will resist them in self-defense.

I recieved a flier while milling about, offering free yoga classes and whatnot for this Saturday. This was totally absurd. Here is someone using the war as an opportunity to advertize their fucking business. It was offering a day of movement and relaxation. I'm so tired of this priviled bullshit promoting passivity as a response to war. War is not stpped by people sitting around in self-help meditation sessions. It is stopped by people actively engaged in real revolt.

After a bit an unpermitted march began to roam through the streets and neighborhoods. This was the highlight of the day for me. Traffic was blocked and often both sides of the street were filled with protestors. There was lots of people waving and honking horns, a good amount of public support.

It was reported that the peace police and members of the ISO (International Socialists Organization) were seen talking to the police, perhaps to coordinate the march route. If this is true, this is yet another example of such authoritarian groups cooperating with the forces of repression. From the cop's position it was intelligent for them to let the crowd march where they pleased. Should they have tried to stop us, there could be confrontation, and the march could take on more of an insurrectional character. This is something they fear. This poses a threat to the functioning of the system. It can take a domesticated individual and transform them into a wild being, that acts on their desires, that breaks though the conditioning imposed from birth.

If the marchers had a revolutionary trajectory and were involved in dismantling the institutions necessary for the functioning of the techno-industrial empire one could assume that the police would have been more active in protecting the interests of the state, under the guise of "protecting the public" or some other such blather.

So after a bit of empty chants, the march eventually ended up at the county buildings on Water street. The protest went downhill from here. Attention was directed on some speakers and people began to leave. One of the first speakers was indigenous to this region. She demonstrated how thoroughly colonized she is by speaking in terms defined by the colonists. Refering to the land as her peoples and how we need to ask permission to be on their property. If the indigenous want to expel the imperialists, they aren't going to suceed with pleas and requests. I am a supporter of indigenous and other people who act to protect the planet and their ecological way of life, but this doesn't happen through begging.

An interesting fellow came by ranting when there was a moment of silence. He said something about this being a bullshit demonstration, how all of us are supporting the war with taxes, how he hasn't paid taxes in 10 years and that none of those bombs had his name on it. In reponse to this I heard a couple people laugh dismissively. A nutter this man might be in some ways but his words are true and I can't help but suspect that those that laughed did so as an act of denial for their responsibility in the war.

So at this point I had been on my way out and I hear a window smash. Someone in the darkness was breaking the windows of some county building away from the proceedings. After the first crash, someone yelled at the individual. The individual made a couple more attempts, smashing a second window, then quickly leaving. I stopped and hung around to see if anything else would occur. After a few minutes I decided to call it a night and went off on some solo adventurs and as I was on my way home I noticed someone had climbed the big construction crane in downtown and dropped a "No War" banner with a big peace sign.

I would like to express my solidarity with the comrad who smashed those windows amongst such an inhospitable crowd. These words may be paltry but it warms my heart to see individuals who have broken out of the social indocternation of respecting the property of our oppressors. I only wish that the multitude of people present had done the same, destroying the county and city buildings. The person who shouted at the person breaking windows is what the system wants. It wants the populace to police itself, to be orderly. This prevents any real social transformation and leaves the populace impotent in creating opportunties to actualize their desires.

If the people of Santa Cruz area truly wish to stop the war, they are going to have to reconsider their ineffective symbolic tactics and attact the institutions that perpetuate misery and slaughter. Best wishes to all the militants the world over and all those raising a ruckus in San Francisco.

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you, Van, Bush, Rumsfield, and Cheney.

Your logic makes as much sense as Bush and Cheney's; attack others, become militant, and spread violence for peace.


If you're looking for anger, righteous indignation, etc, you won't find it in Santa Cruz. As a lifetime resident, I can could have told you people here are generally passive. That is not to say there have never been violent confrontations with the police by large groups. A very good friend of mine was framed for shattering a policeman's kneecap with a brick on a New years eve years ago.

There was a general fog and chaos when the cops went on the offensive to clear a very large crowd that had gathered to usher in the new years. They told everyone to leave at 12:05 am with full riot gear. And they got a riot.

My friend taunted them, and called them names. They took the oppurtunity to jump him and knock him to the street off his bicycle a few minutes later.

He was arrested on trumped up charges and went to trial but was solidly acquitted by the jury. A member of the city counvil even testified for him.

But this kind of public riot was fueled more by alcohol than an assertion of rights. They went wild in Oakland after the Super Bowl. And it would have been like that even if the Raiders had one. Does that mean sports fans have more radical dynamics than liberals? Hard to say.

But the police in Santa Cruz are careful now, wiser after a few lawsuits perhaps, in not making the first move. They control the scene by reacting to what you do. My experience with subversion tactics is limited but I welcome any new members of the community to innovate in Santa Cruz. I would say there has never been a native "blac bloc" os sorts here. But we used to have a formidiable punk population who scared the cops.

Santa Cruz is another world from even San Francisco. But as the syaing goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and the quote Front 242 "Stand By The Innovators"

Back to school... fool.

Had you been at school instead of whining about war, you might have learned to spell, "CLOCK TOWER". As for raising ruckus, I recommend you read the constitution of this land which you seem to have declared your enemy and explain where in the hell you think your rights trump those of others.

You anarchists are the real enemy here. Not comfortable with the hard-fought-and-won rights given to you by simply by being born in this country, by the government you seem to hate, you seek to force your ideals and values on others. Rather than using the established civilized means of protest by vote or press (as the true peace-protestors would), your twisted self-indulgent minds find propriety in defecating on and damaging public property, screaming trite slogans at television cameras, and stopping hard-working poor people from getting to their jobs. You decry "ineffective symbol tactics" and offer what in exchange? You claim people should "attact the institutions that perpetuate misery and slaughter"... yet the only misery I see in this situation, besides that which Saddam Hussein has purpetrated on the Kurds and other Muslims during his forced tenure in office, is that which you and the other 'militants' are comitting. You seem to think that the only way to fight war is with war.

If you truly want to stop the war, join the military or run for office. Promte the ideas which enable you as an American to speak your mind... those of this democracy you are seeking to destroy. Keep in mind, however, your asinine vandalism won't do anything, except lower your chances to getting a job and increase your chances of getting gang-raped in jail.

It is not President Bush who is the enemy here at home, it is not even the genocidal dictator in Iraq... it is the likes of you anarchist sociopaths and dumb ultra-liberal drug-fed sheep that are the real enemy of freedom in this country and elsewhere. You so proud of your so-called education that you feel your bigoted and self-righteous attitude enables you to deny the rights of your fellow man. So proud are you of your own depravity that you promote violence against the majority and yet remain unable to spell 'clock' properly or learn to use a spell checker.

It is no wonder the rest of the world laughs at the US, though it is not because of our 'cowboy' president... with all that concept entails of the tradition hard-working rancher defending his territory, instead the media (owned by the likes of your peace-protesting comrades), is content to promote yours as the ideals of this country. The rest of the world sees a US divided between the Conservatives, Liberals and freaks like you. Remember, though, that this country is a representative democracy. Given the majority of Republicans in office currently you anarchists are neither the majority nor even a vocal minority, you are simply a criminal.

Hmmm....what to say, what to say....

Well, i agree with attack's analysis that just replacing Hussien, or Bush for that matter won't solve anything. He is right that the entire planet is under attack everyday. There are too many environmental problems to adequately or accurately express here but just some of the more pressing would have to be global warming, over fishing, deforestations, water pollution and privitization, etc, etc, etc. All of this happens everyday as well as numerous social problems...
The corporate elite of this and all countries, as well as those who would support them indirectly and directly are destroying this planet.

DOH!! gotta go... but some final thoughts...

look, I'm in favor of directed property destruction as long as it is done smartly. If someone did break a window last night, then that was a misguided action. Our county has already taken a stand against this war and so did our city council. With a looming budget crunch, as needed dollars are going to war instead of our states and counties, smashing a window of an institution that has already spoken out against this war doesn't make a lot of sense. I realize Attack's analysis goes above and beyond this war, so maybe the county building could be a legitimate target in the war against pointless consumerism and local repression, but to stage your destructive actions at a protest that was not organized by you is a bit disrepectful. Not because you smashed a window, but more because you violated those peoples desires not to destroy property.

anyway, the copied message by evil twin and lugnut is pretty much bullshit....

right on bro! attack! attack!

"...spread violence for peace." --We have 'peace' here because there is war elsewhere to sustain our 'peace.'
I'm not saying you should go smash civic property if you're too secure in not being arrested and not being criminalized (please think about criminalization when you think of legalization..."only if you promise me you'll think about the irony!") in your peaceful existance. But please wake up and see that there is a difference between acting violently against an inanimate object called private (or public)property and acting violently against a living thing as complex and precious as a human being. People all over the world are peacefully dying from the non-violent trade relations globalization has placed US in the center. How come your banana costs less than 50 cents a pound even if it came all the way from Equador?

Back to school teacher!...and this time teach kids something more useful than correct syntax. If kids were taught in school the concepts that attack alludes to, you can forget about your grammar and spell check. Seeing that you are already intelligent enough to know what he's(she's?) talking about, yet you've chosen to attack her(his?) personal ethos and not just his(her) opinion by elementary language requirements makes me think that you think that you're smarter 'cause you can use a spell check. This is a forum for the discussion of this topic. As long as you know what he means, please advance the discussion by rebuking his ideas and not the grammatically overlooked nits. It is because this country is so great that an anarcho can trash a window and not end up held and interrogated for political reasons. It's just a fucking window...and not even one belonging to the private residence of an elderly fixed (or no) income senior. Hey, according to Cheney logic (we profit when we bomb, we profit when we rebuild), he's creating jobs...the County maintenance crew now has to fix this window, and hire someone if their labor pool is short, and their budget allows. Are Your not-so-evil twin and Lugnut the same person? Please, we, above any other nation (other than France), are the cause of Saddam's military power. We selleth, and we taketh away.

While you are driving your gas using car to the next protest...please think about the irony!--Promise!!


privilaged rhetoric

Violence is not static. It is a part of life. In some contexts it can be used to feed onself, in others to oppress, and in others to liberate. Those who only percieve the world in black and white (i.e. non-violence = good, violence = bad) are more often than not entrenched in ideology. The imposition of an abstraction, a morality eminating from outside the self. To subscribe to ideaology is to inherit belief. An end of thinking. To no longer question. To feel as though you and your constituents are privillaged to THE TRUTH. It is not a dynamic way of being. It is rigid and not-evolving. Such is the impoverished existence of the pacifist. For those who wish to transcend the confines of limitions imposed on onself it is important to actively engage in a projectuality defined by personal subjective experiences and dreams.

To equate my logic with Bush and Cheyney's as Bobby did is folly. Where Bush and Co. seek to impose their agenda on an entire populace through systematic destruction and murder, I advocates the destruction of instutions responsible for imposing this sterile existence.

I suspect that Santa Cruz's general complacency results largely from it's degree of affluence available to many. But that is not to say that there are not those who don't feel the pain of what we are losing as ecosystems collapse, leaving the world to ruins. And coupled with that the encroaching technologies available for surveilance, control, and more efficient functioning of techno-capitalist juggernaut. It's quite easy for liberals/conservatives to decry property destruction when they are not directly confroted with their own slaughter. And appeals to register my beliefs at the ballot box are based on the faulty premise that government is accountable and will keep it's promises. I have no desire to live my life pleading to "represenatives" to do as I please. This is not effective nor empowering. I don't subscribe to hierarchy and submission to authority. This is my life not theirs.

Your not so evil twin:

I offer a few responses to clearify my positions. I offer my perspectives to find others of like mind in which to embrace as mutual comrads in fulfilling desires. i also do it to create discussion and promote critical thinking as I think these are essential components to creating strong individuals and people capable of destroying the social order.

I owe no favors or thanks the the rich white men who constructed the constitution. I will take from it what I please and leave the rest. I do not exist to subsume myself to romanticised conceptions of this nation-that is undeniably built on genocide.

War is made possible through hierarchial social organization. I promote generalized attack of infrastructure and in some specific cases individuals that are responsible for the social order of exploitation. I don't suggest that we use war to fight war. I advocate people realizing their desires without asking permission from authority. I advocate the collective expression of free individuals creating a world as they see fit. Not a multitude of people who sbmit to wage-slavery, who choose voting and "legitimate peaceful protest" as their only attempts at hopelessly changing their reality.

speaking ones mind is all good and dandy but without combining this with action, words remain in suspension.

It is true I aim to destroy democracy. I have no interest in politics (the game of trying to obtain power outside of the self through various means of represenatives). I have no one but myself to present and no one to represent me. I don't seek endless dialoge of flattented ideas within a non-egalitarian framework that I am subservient to. I am not here to serve an organization. I am here to find friends and lovers. To enjoy this life and eradicate that which seeks to domesticate and contain me and my aspirations.

I may use means not permitted by law to obtain what I wish. I embrace this as a way of life. Criminal you may call me, label me as you will. But I define my existence by my terms. For me food is many times more enjoyable when stolen, rathert than paid for.

Un sandanista:

Regardless of this counties adminstrative resolutions against this war, the functional role of that institution playes more of a role in supporting the war efforts than not. By collecting taxes, maintaining techno-industrial infrastructure, allowing millitary installations, funding cops, etc. thay are a perfectly appropriate target for sabotage.

Though I did not organize that particular march, the strength of collective actions carry much more potential when allowing a diversity of expressions, rather than allowing a small group of leftists decide how everyone should act.


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