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Students Rally and March

After rallying at the town clock for a few hours Friday, students took to Pacific Ave. with a very intense anti-war march.
On Friday, a rally at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz for youth against the war, put on by Youth Action Coalition (YAC), a group of high-school organizers, attracted a few hundred activists and many honks of the horn.

The rally at the Clock Tower was from 4 to 6 PM and later turned into a march through Pacific. Lead by intense high-school students, including a few with drums, the march started on the sidewalk and quickly went into the street, halting all traffic.

The students, shouting chants such as "This is what democracy looks like!" and "What do we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!" attracted a few Pacific Ave. strollers to join the croud, bringing the numbers around 200.

The police, numbering only half a dozen or so, cut off traffic and enabled the students to continue their path from the Town Clock to Laurel and back again. There were not any known arrests, nor was there any known violence.

The students plan to have another rally next Friday, the 28th from 4-6 PM at the Town Clock.

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