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Activist from Ojai arrested at air base

Activist from Ojai arrested at air base


By wire reports
March 26, 2003

An Ojai man was arrested Monday at Vandenberg Air Force Base, just two days after he had been cited for trespassing during a peace rally.
Sanderson Beck, 56, was arrested by security officers for trespassing when he approached the front gate, base spokeswoman Maj. Stacee Bako said. He is scheduled to be arraigned June 20 in Santa Barbara.
Beck said he plans to protest repeatedly in the hopes of remaining in custody and getting a trial sooner. Its better to call attention to the war, said Beck, who has been arrested more than 50 times in various protest actions.
Bako said there was no indication that anti-war protesters had breached interior base security zones. Several activists Sunday left signs and banners in places considered base property, but not within its fenced regions. On Saturday, two San Luis Obispo protesters were arrested for trespassing.

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