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13 Activists visit Farr's office Monday

13 anti-war activists visited Congressman Sam Farr's office on Monday. Still no word whether Farr will vote for or against the upcoming $75 billion appropriation to fund the war in Iraq. Activists decide to plan an action at Farr's office at 9AM the day after the vote to either protest or commend Farr depending on which way he votes.

13 anti-war activists visited Congressman Sam Farr's office on Monday. Still no word whether Farr will vote for or against the upcoming $75 billion appropriation to fund the war in Iraq. Activists decide to plan an action at Farr's office at 9AM the day after the vote to either protest or commend Farr depending on which way he votes.
13 activists visited the Santa Cruz offices of Rep. Sam Farr this afternoon at 2 p.m. We got an hour from aide Rachel Dann who agreed to convey our concerns to Farr. Becky Johnson recorded much of the discussion on
videotape. I got virtually all of it on audio tape and will be playing much of it Thursday 6-8 PM and Sunday 9:30 AM - 1 PM on Free Radio Santa Cruz at 96.3 FM.

The principal demands agreed upon by everyone there (except Rachel)were
(a) that Farr come out immediately and without qualification against Bush's $75 billion supplemental appropriation ($63 million of which is to conduct the war for the next month), and
(b) that Farr come out immediately for supporting our troops by withdrawing them.

We also asked him to come out for a ceasefire and a bombing halt.

Rachel said my phone call this morning was the first request from constituents asking that the troops be withdrawn--which I and others found hard to believe. She said she would keep a record of all calls. CALL

Rachel defended Farr several times by saying that he was speaking out regularly against the war unlike many others in Congress. Folks in the group responded that talk was not enough and the key issue now was withdrawal of troops and no votes for further bombing and death.

Virginia, from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Louis La Fortune from the Green Party and several peace groups, Cassandra Brown, a founder of the Coalition for A Community Commons, Amy Courtney--who successfully challenged Cal-Trans "flags only" policy, Neil Mick of the
Santa Cruz/Capitola 13 (arrested for blocking the Recruiting Centers on 41st Avenue), Becky Johnson of Community Televison's Club Cruz, environmentalist Walt Milleson, musician Robert Nahas, Mumia Coalition activist John Thielking, Andrea Tischler of the Compassion Flower Inn and several others made up the group.

Steve Argue, who ran for City Council last November, and announced his (very early) candidacy for Farr's Congressional seat in 2004 two months ago, doubted that Farr would take real action to demand troop withdrawal by
voting against the appropriation. He suggested we show up en mass after the proposed Town Hall meeting on April 7th (at the Civic Center).

He suggested and the group agreed to call for a return to Farr's office on Wednesday April 9th at 3 PM to either toast Farr or to protest him--depending on his vote. The group also agreed to an emergency response, one day after the House votes on the appropriation at 9 a.m. the next day by coming to Farr's office to register our feelings and inviting everyone else to do the same.

I will try to keep tabs on the progress of Bush's Bombing Bill through the House Appropriations Committee and monitor Farr's votes.

Dann told the group that the $75 billion supplemental appropriation was in the House Appropriations Committee, of which Farr is a voting member. I asked Dann if she would ask Farr to give us a report on what was happening to the bill and what his position was. She said she was busy, but would try to do so.

I requested Farr clarify his stance on the appropriations bill last Wednesday by phone with Rachel. Rachel "explained" that the bill had not been "marked up" or finalized yet. That cut little weight with many of us
who demanded that Farr declare he would not vote for any military appropriation that envisaged continued war and occupation.

Other concerns unaddressed by Farr were the use of uranium-depleted weapons and napalm in Iraq, the expulsion and mistreatment of reporters by American forces, increasing civilian and American casualties.

In spite of repeated concerns that Farr introduce a resolution to impeach Bush, that has not been seriously considered by Farr. Rachel "explained" that the Republican domination of the house would stop it dead. Many said
they wanted it introduced anyway as a matter of principle and public education.

Seemed to some of us that Rachel was engaging in "damage control" and "spin" by defending Farr's failure to call for troop withdrawal, his "present" vote on the Support the President and the Troops resolution and his unwillingness
to clearly come out for troop withdrawal and against a new military appropriation.


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Correction: Farr's Local Number is 831-429-1976

Sam Farr's phone number is 429-1976 not 429-1796. Apologies from the dyslexic writer.

Farr is doing much more than others, we should commend him!!

I think what Steve argue and Robert Norse are doing with the other activists is truly commendable. But, I also see that a constantly confrontational attitude towards your elected representative may not be the best way to get the job done. How about working WITH Farr instead of against him?? How about commending him and encouraging him for what he HAS DONE in light of the other representatives on The Hill (stressing the positives might help bring about more positives)? Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out this article at SJ Mercury...

Hurray "supporter"

"Supporter" has it right-- I hate to tell you guys, but a "statement" asking for troops to be withdrawn is about as effective as posting on this website as far as ending the war. You guys just want to be angry at as many people as you can, and no matter what steps have been taken, you demand more. As I said, do you require that all congressmen/women who oppose the war strap themselves to bombs and tanks to keep the war from going? Will that satisfy you?

Nope. Don't think so. Instead you'll keep alienating as many people as possible.

Wasn't Robert voted #2 villian in SC County by the readers of the Metro? Maybe that shows how much support he has.

Call In Your Support to End the War

Farr's office hasn't received lots of phone input asking
(1) that Farr specifically demand the immediate return of our troops (as Kucinich apparently did recently); and
(2) that Farr vote a definitive "NO" on the upcoming Iraqi war appropriation, which reached his House Appropriation Committee today and will be voted on today or tomorrow in that Committee and soon thereafter in the House.

Please call 429-1976 and register your view. Urge Farr to reflect that view in the House vote and in his public statements.

In spite of all of Farr's criticisms of the war, he has yet to say the obvious "let's get out and not fund this madness." Statements short of this are largely meaningless, particularly in his safe district where the overwhelming majority favors supporting our troops by bringing them home now.

If Farr reflects the anti-war views of constituents, he should be applauded; if he refuses to do so, he needs to be loudly condemned. This war and how we face it is the watershed issue of early 21st century America.

Finally, I'm only #3 villain in the County (according to the Metro poll this week). I wuz robbed.

We want Sam Farr to vote against funding the war

Those who have a soft spot for Farr and are alienated by those of us who want this war ended by cutting off the funding, or at least a stand taken to that effect by our local representative, should realize that we are still giving Farr the benefit of the doubt on this question. As I stated in the flyer for the event on April 9th:

*If Farr has already voted 75 billion dollars to finance the war we will go up to his office and fill it with members of the concerned public.

*If Farr has already voted against financing the war we will celebrate it as a victory for the peace movement and thank Sam Farr for the vote.

Please join us. Assemble at 3:00 PM on Wednesday April 9th in front of the Santa Cruz County Building at the corner of Ocean and Water.

Call Farr before the vote at 429-1976 to let him know that you do not want another dime to go for the war and you want the troops home now.


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