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Protest Against The War Weds. April 9th

Sam Farr says heís against the war, so letís hold him to it. Please join us at Rep. Sam Farrís office.
Protest To Stop The War On Iraq!

On Wednesday, March 19th the US began its unprovoked and illegal attack on Iraq. Among the dead are hundreds of civilians including many children, well over a hundred US soldiers, and hundreds of Iraqi soldiers and partisan fighters. Radioactive DU A-10 munitions are being spread across Iraq. People are dying. The world did not want this war and it is the duty of the American people to stop it.

Locally Rep. Sam Farr (D) has voted against the use of force on Iraq, but has also voted for the massive 440 billion dollar annual US war budget and billions of dollars in military support to the death squad government of Colombia. Now Bush is asking Congress for a 75 billion dollar appropriation specifically for the war on Iraq.

On Monday, March 31st representatives of the peace movement met with a member of Sam Farrís staff to tell his office that we do not want the war to be funded and that we want the troops brought home now. Sam Farrís staff could not tell us Sam Farrís position on these subjects and could not even tell us if Sam Farr would support a ceasefire and a halt to the bombing. Yet she claimed Sam Farr is against the war.

Sam Farr says heís against the war, so letís hold him to it. Please join us at Rep. Sam Farrís office to ask him to adopt our demands of:

Not Another Dime For The War!

Bring The Troops Home Now!

Assemble at 3:00 PM on Wednesday April 9th in front of the Santa Cruz County Building at the corner of Ocean and Water.

*If Farr has already voted 75 billion dollars to finance the war we will go up to his office and fill it with members of the concerned public.

*If Farr has already voted against financing the war we will celebrate it as a victory for the peace movement and thank Sam Farr for the vote.

Call Sam Farr now to let him know you don't want your tax dollars spent on this war and you want the troops home now. Sam Farr's office: 429-1976

To help distribute flyers for the event 0or donate for the printing of new flyers call Steve at 454-0272.

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Where will Farr be?

Way to go, Steve. We can't allow our leaders to be all talk and no action, so I'm glad that people are calling him to task on this vote. I'm going to try to make it next wednesday. Has anyone called Farr's office to demand that he show up in person to be accountable, one way or the other?


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