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Oust bush, UCSC professor says

Oust bush, UCSC professor says


April 4, 2003

SANTA CRUZ - UC Santa Cruz professor Bettina Aptheker declared a war of her own Thursday, telling more than 400 students at a campus teach-in, “Our agenda should be to overthrow George Bush.”
Students clapped and cheered.
Aptheker urged students take a peaceful approach to change.
“We have an election in 2004,” she said. “You should register to vote and then go out and vote.”
The teach-in, sponsored by Standing United for Peace, was the first at the 14,000-student campus since the U.S. military invaded Iraq at the direction of the president.
Speakers at the event rejected the president’s explanation for the attack, saying it was more about American dominance in the Middle East than an effort to free the Iraqi people.
Professor Angela Davis questioned the federal government’s efforts to shape the coverage of the war by “embedding” reporters with military troops, citing the firing of correspondent Peter Arnett as an example of silencing critics.
Maia Ramnath, a graduate student in history, invited students to join Standing United for Peace, which meets at 7 p.m. Fridays at the Bay Tree Bookstore.
Teach-in organizer Sean Burns, 30, who is working on a doctorate in history of consciousness, said he hoped to generate dialogue on campus about the war and related issues.
“Our universities have to be open and free spaces that challenge the state carrying out regressive policies,” he said.
Among his concerns are the impact of new homeland security regulations on foreign students and the shifting of funding from education to the military.
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Arnett firing

If Prof. Davis thinks that Peter Arnett was embedded with US or British troops when he was fired, she's wrong. He was working in Baghdad when he was fired.

some questions

Didn't Bush swear on national TV to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution?
Doesn't the Constitution require Congress to declare War before the President can use the armed forces to make war?
Was there any declaration of war?
Doesn't the Constitution acknowledge and protect a number of human rights and citizen rights that are now routinely flouted by the President under the so-called USA PATRIOT Act?
Aren't US citizens, as well as foreign nationals and enemy combatants, being held by the federal government without bail, legal representation, or even the notification of their families?
Can the Constitution and the rights it protects be suspended in a time of war?
Again, has War ever actually been declared?
Didn't our Congress representatives and Senators also swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution?
Didn't they, Democrats and Republicans alike, rush to give the President the powers he now enjoys under the USA PATRIOT Act?
How many of our elected representatives in Congress actually read the USA PATRIOT Act before voting for it, much less paused to consider the implications that are only now beginning to become clear?
If you were the boss, had posted fair, sensible rules for your employees, and then caught them deliberately ignoring or disobeying those rules, apparently intending to continue doing so, would you keep them on the payroll or fire them?
Aren't you going to be the boss, at least for a couple of moments, in November 2003 and November 2004?
How will you use your vote to deal with the President?
How will you use your vote to deal with the Congress?
Are you even registered to vote? If not, why not?
Do you think that hiring the same old crowd will lead to any changes in attitude or behavior?
If you don't hire the GOP or Demo, what are your alternatives?
Do you understand how essential it is to come up with your own answers to these and other questions?


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