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Story publishing shut down at sister site bay area IMC, by one person

SF Indymedia has had its publishing funtionality disabled by a lone nut. Other IMC's take note and defend against this happening to you!
Just now, the publishing feature of SF IMC has been disabled (temporarily I hope) by what appears to be a lone individual. This indivudal has used a tactic which is probably some automated form post, since the same message keeps showing up over and over again in the Global News nav on the home page.

The message features a large picture of Saddam holding a gun. This person claims that their actions are motivated by the following. This person posted 2 stories. One described the story of an american soldier who has been recently killed in fighting. The second one describes the story of an Iraqi soldier who dies while fighting. The story of the Iraqi soldier, claims this person, was falsified, while the story of the American was based on real events. The person claims that only the sad story of the Iraqi soldier was shown, while the story of the American soldier was "Hidden".

This is untrue. I would like to note that I saw both stories and read both of them, they appeared right next to each other in the "Global News" section. This attacker claims that he or she has uncovered some sort of bias at Bay Area IMC and has acted to shut it down. It contains profanity and the picture of Saddam, and denounces "IMC and its Supporters" for not caring if American soldiers die, but only if Iraqis die.

Perhaps this person didn't realize that it takes a little bit of time for posts to appear on the website, or perhaps they are trying to spread fear and paranoia in light of a recent resurgence of interest and lots and lots of posting in the wake of the Oakland action this morning.

Please, IMC Santa Cruz take note. If you can, watch out for this sort of activity in the future. If possible, try to make some kind of filter to detect multiple posts which carry identical information and try to block them. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it, but this is one of many attempts made so far to shut down IMC bay area, and it may spread to your area.

Heads up from SF.

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ok now

Thanks for the warning.

Things at SF-IMC seem to be fine.

Oakland Shooting

This was probably done to slow responses to the violence carried out by the Oakland police against peaceful and legal protestesters.


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