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The Patriot Act(s)

Voices, televised panel discussion 4/17, Ch. 27 7:30 p.m. on The Patriot Act(s): The 1st casualty of war may be truth, but one casualty of the "war on terror" is civil liberties, including right of assembly, free speech, immigrant & legal rights, privacy and political freedom. Join Bettina Aptheker, Daniel Sheehan Ramon Gomez & host John Sandidge for this call-in program.
The first casualty of war may be truth, but one casualty of the "war on terror" is civil liberties in the U.S. Largely accomplished through the hasty passage of The Patriot Act following 9-11, the federal government is severely curtailing the right of assembly, free speech, immigrant rights, legal rights, privacy and, basically, political freedom. There will be a televised panel discussion 4/17, on Ch. 27 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss The Patriot Act, and its sequel "Patriot Act II," leaked to the press, but still pending enactment. Tune in & learn more, or call in and share during the program at 425-8844.

Panel includes:
Bettina Aptheker, UCSC Professor, Author & Activist
Daniel Sheehan, Co-Founder of the Christic Institute
Ramon Gomez, Watsonville City Council
John Sandidge, Moderator

Voices is a weekly Community Television program produced by an all-volunteer staff, addressing local, national and international issues. SCCTV Politics & Government Program of the Year, 2002.

Producers: Tom Conant, Joe Grossman, Mark Halfmoon and Pam Richmond

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Thanks for bringing this topic (patriot acts)to the show. It is very important.


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