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WomenRise Peace Pole Ceremony May 11

Mothering Sunday May 11, 11am, San Lorenzo Park (by footbridge over the river and duck pond stage. Peace Pole dedication ceremony. WomenRise for Global Peace
WomenRise for Global Peace

Contact: Corrina McFarlane: 831-423 3612 corrina (at)

'Mothering Sunday', May 11, 2003 at 11 am ~
~ Peace Pole dedication ceremony ~
San Lorenzo Park by river footbridge & duck pond stage

The WomenRise annual calendar turns around two momentous days: Armistice Day & Mother's Day.
1918 saw the original Armistice Day, celebrating the end of the "war to end all wars" (World War I)
1872 saw the original Mother's Day, the mothers' proclamation renouncing war.

To highlight the original intent and vision of these two historic days, WomenRise ordered a Peace Pole planted on November 11, 2002, for dedication on May 11 2003.

WomenRise is dedicating this Peace Pole to profound peace, the essence of which is embodied in the
WomenRise Guiding Principles:

to raise consciousness and stand up to proclaim that:
• We can live in celebration and respect for all life and all love.
• The power of our individual choices to be peaceful does change the world.
• We can promote peace as a world solution more effectively than others promote war.

"May Peace Prevail on Earth" links all who encounter one of over 200,000 Peace Poles in 180 countries dedicated as monuments to peace.
The World Peace Prayer Society originated in Japan in 1955 and has been a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information since 1990.

"May Peace Prevail on Earth…" hold that thought -

WomenRise commissioned a six-sided Peace Pole. Six languages are represented. With well over 2000 languages in the world, any Peace Pole is but a symbolic representation of the voice of humanity. The Peace Pole dedication ceremony is animated and enriched by every language present being spoken - all are welcome to attend.

Currently, inspired peacemakers in the community are busily creating '1000 Cranes for Peace.' The goal is to have at least this many by Mother's Day, which happens to dovetail (!) with the WomenRise Peace Pole ceremony in the park. If you are so inspired , bring Peace Cranes to the ceremony before they go to roost in the central library (how to make cranes for peace - ) - or call Ernestina on 462 9656 for where to meet up with others (two weekly locations) to get help andmake Peace Cranes with others.

The WomenRise Peace Pole honors Santa Cruz Sister Cities: Alushta (Ukraine), Jinotepe (Nicaragua), Puerto La Cruz (Venezuela), Sestri Levante (Italy), Shingu (Japan), and the newest alliance and only Sister County: Guamá (Cuba) "AGuaS".

'May Peace Prevail on Earth' appears in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Lastly, 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' appears in Arabic for Iraq. In September 2002 Santa Cruz became the first 'City for Peace' when City Council passed a resolution against a war in Iraq, referring to "the articles of the United Nations Charter and the principles of international law on the peaceful resolution of disputes."

In the course of six months, Santa Cruz has seen the raising of no less than three Peace Poles, all independent initiatives: WomenRise, Center for Conscious Living, and Live Oak Grange. That makes four in total: the first Santa Cruz Peace Pole was planted and dedicated at Mission Plaza in 1987, brought from Japan, intentionally hollow and filled with prayers for peace as part of the annual Peace Day event that spanned most of the '80s.

"This City for Peace has essentially "heartstormed" the Santa Cruz Peace Pole Tour," says WomenRise spokesperson, Corrina McFarlane, "WomenRise for Global Peace follows a rich tradition, weaving another thread into the fabric of a dynamic community."

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Peace POLE??

Very suggestive...I love it!


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