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Photos: Critical Mass in Santa Cruz 4-25-03

Critical Mass Returns to Santa Cruz!
1 crit on ocean and water 4-25-03.jpg
On April 25, 2003, approximately 70 bikers appeared on the streets of Santa Cruz.

Some claim it was just another example of the unorganized coincidence globally recognized as Critical Mass.


No bikers were seen "filling up" at the gas stations on Ocean and Water.


A few Women in Black were demonstrating at the weekly Peace Friday and were vocally supportive of the critical mass bike ride.


Bikers circled several intersections for a few minutes as a demonstration against car culture. Many bikers discussed the relationship of cars and oil wars with drivers at the intersections. Critical massers cleared the streets immediately for buses and emergency vehicles.


Some bikers took a few moments to put their foot down in front of cars. Many drivers were supportive of the critical mass demonstration, however others certainly were not.


The purpose of critical mass becomes crystal clear when you see a Hummer rolling down Center St.


A driver exited his SUV on Laurel and Pacific to force a biker out of his way.

Perhaps a few more people will ride their bikes as opposed to starting their engines next time they take a trip.

2 women in blk at crit 4-25-03.jpg
3 crit on ocean and soquel 4-25-03.jpg
4 sport this at crit 4-25-03.jpg
5 hummer at crit 4-25-03.jpg
6 helping hand at crit 4-25-03.jpg

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