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Proudhon: About the Education

Proudhon: About the Education
Proudhon: About the Education
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Proudhon: About the Education
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Proudhon: About the Education

We would underline that the notion of “progressive education? it is in the center of everything that, in the thought of Proudhon, he says respect ace narrow connections between the individual acting and the social reform. When our author treats of the equality, of the work or of the democracy, it is always of education that he speaks. Besides this including conception, Proudhon also had original point of view about the school and the professional formation. It can be said without excesses that for him the education, under your different aspects, is per times the end and the means of the Revolution.
Being anxious in your own conduct and of that that he recommends, he didn't stop being considered as a perpetual student, the headquarters of the knowledge was for him primordial and permanent: “a lifetime of the man is a learning? (Carnets, 2-84). She in a positive way is the epithet only in this sense that can attribute him of “autodidact?, therefore the term in him was frequently joined in bad part. As much as, professing that the knowledge is transitory if he is not shared, he demands as congenital your teaching vocation: “it is a teaching that I wanted to do, a word teaching and of example? (Carnets, 3-89). To learn without stopping, tends as objective to transmit your knowledge to the others unarmed kindred of turning them capable to transform the world, such it is the chat of that that never renounced “Lumières?.
This double appeal is at once proclaimed, with a ringing your conscience, in the celebrated candidacy letter to Pension Suard, that will determine the youth's labor typographer future. More particularly in the final paragraph that a careful advice make it to calm:
“Born and servant in the working class, they still appear him, nowadays and always, in the heart, the genius, the habits and overcoat the community of the interests and of the desires, candidate's great happiness, if he gathered your votes, laugh her it was judged worthy of being near the first representative you; and of very to work without rest, for the philosophy and science, with all the energy of your will and all the powers of your spirit, your siblings complete liberation and companions.? (Ackermann, 13 of June 1838, Cor., I-52).

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