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Porterpalooza! May 17th

Porterpalooza! May 17th Noon-9pm
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Porterpalooza! Saturday May 17th Noon-9pm Porter Quad. day of community and hate/bias resistance!

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Re: Porterpalooza! May 17th

With the recent attempted murder of a Charles Thomas of Salinas, a 56 year-old former teacher who had become homeless and was set on fire as he slept in the doorway of a Salinas business Saturday night, I hope this event includes information/education about hate crimes against homeless people. The National Coalition on Homelessness just concluded a four year study in which they have documented hate crimes committed against homeless people, and concluded the California has the highest incidences of such crimes. The three worst cities named were Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Cruz!! Yes, Santa Cruz where we think we are so liberal and compassionate to homeless people, we are actually unwilling or unable to contain groups of young men who fancy themselves as neo-nazis and beat up homeless people for sport. For more information, contact us at HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom.
or 831-423-HUFF Our weekly meetings are at Bakers Square Restaurant at 1107 Ocean St at 8:30AM every Wednesday.


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