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revolution summer san diego

confronting global capital and oppressive institutions
throughout the summer months of 2003, thousands of people people are planned to gather in San Diego, CA to protest and take direct action against the many issues and facets of the system that maintain a world based on power, class, race, sex, and species. We invite everyone from all over the world to come to San Diego for the events of this summer, as well as for an international protest against the WTO meeting being held in Cancun, Mexico at the end of the summer. That international protest will be held on the Mexican border, just a few miles from San Diego.

Revolution Summer will adress many of the issues that make up the massive system of repression that we live under everyday. Throughout the summer, we will educate the activist community and ourselves, learn how to better fight the system, and we will fight it, hard, using powerful and creative forms of nonviolent resistance.

- Police Brutality
- Sweatshop Labor/Slavery
- The Patriot Act and The INS Special Registration Program
- Human Rights
- Animal Rights
- Radical Feminism
- The Militarization of our communities
- Anti-Globalization, stopping Empire

All of these events are tentative. We will soon publish a calendar of these events so you can make your plans to come to San Diego and help us create the revolution. You can help us by telling your friends, making plans to come, and bringing people.

contact us at info (at)

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