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Economic review: Black Friday - When The Dive Strikes

All signs for down have been there already for years. There is just nothing you can do about it. Functioning society have not got anything to do with the downs and ups as such, the real power works behind these agreements and you can not reach it. Society collapses every now and then, and sometimes it even ends into a war. It is all normal.

Finland - Hiring a lawyer for couple hours in Finland costs the same, than hiring someone to work for almost a year in some eastern location. A typical layer takes around 150 EUR per an hour from a normal consultation, and you have to bear in mind the fact, that these people have usually no other education to a degree from The Faculty of Law. Using such people to any other case to Contract Law is a total waste of time.
In Finland lawyers do not understand their position and the importance of lawyer work. In the 20's century, lawyer's job became a Yuppie profession, and in the 21th century, they even lost the ethics. Power and influence were related to these professions in mass media. Several TV-series presented these people as powerful, rude, intelligent and half divine. In practice, the facts are quite contradict when compared to real science and to the achievements scientist have committed. Could this be one of the reasons, why lawyers do not consult academically educated scientists or they rarely do so? To common people 150 EUR it is quite a sum to pay for legal services, and just to mind you the sum is almost same or a bit higher if you have pay in USD. After all, for the money spent in two hours work you can fly off to Spain for a week! Paying to a lawyer becomes even more difficult when you realise what these people have studied for their lawyer degree; those graduated from The Faculty of Law in Finland have studied only law, domestic and foreign languages, and some sociology, and they seem to lack any real profession were they could use their lawyer skills. The sugar at the bottom of the cup is, that lawyer always gets paid from the government. This do not encourage in winning their cases on facts. Finland works like a feeding machine to our lawyers and its no wonder they are like pigs to us.

How about hiring someone else to do any job? One possible reason for investors not willing to finance projects in Finland may be our European attitude towards work morality. A good example was the Finnair, whose workers made as spontaneous decisions as their French colleagues usually do - they went on strike without any warning. Makes me ponder about the Foreign Business Executive standing at the airport in Helsinki Vantaa, and waiting for his departure, but in stead going on his flight, he gets an announcement "Finnish aviation is on an illegal strike, sorry we are not able to help you!".
When running hundreds of millions USD factory you just can not allow such a thing to happen - people can not behave in a such irresponsible way. Specially, when it happens in groups or as an organised activity. - In France strikes are know fit for her culture, but in northern hemisphere it has become a one way forcing tool. Simply to people thinking about investing their business to this nation means they have to deal with one of the most organised Labour Union, who by far seem to dictate the rules to businessmen. And if the Labour Union is not there to make a strike, then I'm sure their chief shop steward can arrange it directly in stead. Finnish businessmen have a joke, that every Labour Union chief shop steward gets hired once - what ever it means.

Big investors always deals with the government and dispute citizen. To these corporations, it is all the same, how the things are done or ran in the nation they place their investment in, but to all minor investors it is not 'all the same' how things are handled. To small and middle size investors - as well as to all citizen interested in their portfolios - it is vital to know, if invested money will ever return from abroad with an interest. How on earth could a small investor loose his pennies, when taking apart in Finnish risky business? Well, Finland is relatively small nation with five million habitants. Nation is size of a New York city, nothing more - nothing less. And like New York, Finland suffers from the same symptoms of a small population and well networked people. Even we do not have so many Italians, but basically it works the same; part of our business simply stinks so badly to monopolies and mutual agreement between Labour Union and industry, that certain number of people have lost their faith in believing to Finnish business or politics.
For instance transit, like any other business, works a bit like in NY too. Silent monopolies run behind people's back and those not aware of the circumstance will pay overprice. So, if you plan to make any transit inside Finland or from Finland, then I wish you all the luck.

Because competition is restricted with mutual agreement and these are no willingness to brakes these monopolies in Finland, the price foreign investors pay is high. At the end someone must pay all costs, that comes along from the factory to the consumer.

When police is no longer willing to inspect crimes and there are no functional internal investigation in police force, when lawyers are making false judgements and plots to steal honest businessmen property not to mention jailing them, then there is no return for any investment. Foreign and domestic investments are actually feeding the same people serving the government and their hierarchy. Investing into such a nation before these people are able to control their internal problems are like pouring money into an endless well. The same swindlers are either fooling or faking the domestic and foreign investments to themselves by using their black agreements, monopolies and 'old boy' -network.

And I give this advice free for you; if you do not have right friends at high places in Finland, then I think this may not be your place to make business or money. They will fool your money from you like they have done to our citizen. And without any friends you may not be able to get hired, and as soon as you are in work they ask you to join the Labour Union. If you do not, then you may get black listed for those who select new people in (some) companies. If you are a foreign small investor, then the only advice I give to You is to take your money to a bit safer place or wait until Finland has solved out her internal problems.

Finnish Ministers have been caught for committing crimes while on government post. These people have not been able to take care of their duties, and those interested to get hired are equally bad alternatives to experts. Nothing really changes in Finland. Same political faces are being recycled; when someone commits a crime, then it does not take more than few years and he is back among his friends on the top of the society.

I would say the only difference in crimes when compared to some other nation like Nigeria is, that criminals in Nigeria could be called blue-collars were ours are white-collars.

Black Friday can be expected sooner or later. All signs can be seen, and there is a valid reason to expect it; society do not work at all, except maybe in theory. Part of the population has become so ill, that they have apart from this society. Those who know how Finnish society functions understand why Finland has got a lack of working force and at the same time is suffering from high unemployment; these people prefer hiring those not aware of our end system. In this way jobs get done and rumours do not travel very far. The only good news is, that in history, there has been only one worse scenario to down to boos economy - a war. Nations may come to war only if government is either too corrupted or unwise, which is very unlike as we saw before the II World War. Consensus, co-operation and politicians know-how is at the same level, that just before II WW, and I am sure, European Parliament politicians do not start the war.

When you lost your investment you start thinking 'how this could happen'? Maybe it is our mass media and its publication policy. No negative news or common news are broadcasted to abroad. By the way - this is exactly the reason why you are reading this story from a foreign Independent Media site in stead of Indys Finnish site or any other media.

And to be very honest with you - our end was really never screened after the Nazi-Germany thing. We have been having the same people and their relatives ruling since the II World War. Just to bear in mind, what you fought for, and in case someone would be keen on finding out the real course of the problem.

So, if you still are looking for a real good investment, then I am suggesting you to go to the closest coffee bar next to you. Take a cup of coffee and a donut, then You realise it was not that bad investment after all. World goes round and you got some real value for your money. Everything else is unsure, but the donut and coffee in front of your are real.

God Bless The USA and God Save The Queen!

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