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Patriotic citizen cited for indecent exposure!

Stuck in traffic on the 17 today, patriotic citizen Donovon D., upon seeing a vehicle with "IAMUSA" customized plates, decided not to be outdone. The man in the neighboring vehicle seemed to be claiming to be solely representative of the great macrosociety that is the United States of America, through the medium of his patriotic license plates. Donovon D., feeling a patriotic stir in his heart, but realizing that he could not obtain an "IAMUSA" customized plate of his own, decided to communicate his desire to be identified with this great nation of liberty through a quite different, free medium: his buttocks. Jocularly proclaiming his patriotism to his fellow citizen, he wrote I AM USA on his posterior, and made it known.

Not amused, "IAMUSA" -- an off duty officer -- had Donovon D., cited for indecent exposure and made threats about registering him as a sex offender.

When truly patriotic citizens can not air their views about this great nation of liberty, freedom, and justice -- alas, what have we become?

This poisonous subversion of patriotism is a disease upon our great nation.

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Re: Patriotic citizen cited for indecent exposure!

No photos? That bit of writing takes some talent (or assistance.) Sounds like a terrorist plot to me!

Re: Patriotic citizen cited for indecent exposure!

if I had a photo, it would be [an naked, sweaty ass with " I AM USA " written in sharpie on it.

Radio exposure?

The bum and his bum are invited to call in to Free Radio Santa Cruz on Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Thursday 6-8 PM at 831-427-3772 to discuss his behavior. Or Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 96.3 FM or


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