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Israel and Gaza: The News While Awaiting the Presence of Justice

"I am very pleased that President Bush has included in his supplemental budget request that just went to Congress $1 billion in Foreign Military Financing funds to help Israel strengthen its military and civil defenses. And that's just for starters." Colin Powell, AIPAC: March 30, 2003
Enclosed find the horrible news out of Israel as I received it yesterday morning from my friend, Dorothy of New Profile.

New Profile – Movement for the Civil-ization of Israeli Society.

She posted her reaction five minutes after the event.
Just the day before we were writing personally to each other about how people protesting for the oppressed can become discouraged and feel "almost" as oppressed.

I post this because you should know, as all America should, and all the world should.. what REALLY happens in Israel and Gaza .....besides what we are fed on the news.

After Dorothy's response I have posted her two previous "news" entries as retrospective background, for missing the last couple of days or having only had the Major Networks.

That the American public is naive or ignorant I can rationalize on account of the allusion of the press formerly known as "free".

BUT I hold each and any Representative of mine accountable for what they have NOT said with regards to Human Rights issues and American funding of Israeli OFFENSIVES against Palestinians, Bedouins, Arab-Israelis and International Peace Workers especially in consideration of Rachel Corrie.

March 30 Colin Powell made this promise to Israel (AIPACA) of American money, even though we have no adequate heath care existing, except in promises.

POWELL: "I am very pleased that President Bush has included in his supplemental budget request that just went to Congress $1 billion in Foreign Military Financing funds to help Israel strengthen its military and civil defenses. And that's just for starters. The President is also asking for $9 billion in loan guarantees. These loan guarantees will help Israel deal with the economic costs arising from the conflict, and will help Israel to implement the critical economic and budgetary reforms it needs to get its economy back on track. And I am hopeful that Congress, with your encouragement will act quickly on this request."

Remarks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's Annual Policy Conference
Secretary Colin L. Powell Washington, DC March 31, 2003


This from Dorothy OF New Profile:

Dear Friends,

Five minutes ago--at 5:35 PM--the radio announced a large explosion in a bus in central busy Jerusalem, on Jaffa Street. Now announced that there are 30 victims, among them dead.

THANK YOU DEAR SHARON, MOFAZ, YA'ALON. We appreciate your gift to us. Just when the Hamas was considering to return to talks with Abu Mazen, our wonderful leaders yesterday decided to exterminate one of the Hamas leaders. The attempt failed to kill him, killing instead a mother and her 3 year old daughter, and a third passer by--just people, or as some like to call it (e.g., G. Bush, Jr.) "collateral damage."

Not surprisingly, the intended victim, Aziz Rantisi, was furious and unwilling to continue talks, threatening, instead, to revenge. But even had he not threatened, we would have known, and all that was left for us Israelis to do after the attempted extermination was--as is usual in these cases--to wonder when, where, how many dead and injured we'd end up with!!!

And now the radio is quoting the government spokesmen or military spokesmen (which I don't know, and it doesn't matter since they are of one mind) that this is not the result of yesterday's attempted extermination, that the Palestinians are highly motivated and would have done this anyhow, or tried to. Maybe.

But that is not the direction that things were going prior to the attempted extermination, which certainly did nothing to help convince Hamas, et al to stop acts of violence.

Why should they, if the IOF does not?

Sorry if I sound angry, frustrated, and sad. But violence breeds violence, and Israel's leaders are violent men who know only violence. Dorothy

This is bits of other news from her and Decide if you think it worth noting and deserving a place in the news with regards to US reactions to the RoadMap. Also enclosed is the

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

June 9, 2003 - Hear Palestine

At noon today, the Israeli army demolished 13 homes in Izbat Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip.

Armored bulldozers, backed by 20 tanks, invaded the area before embarking on a demolition campaign that razed all homes on the way to the home of Moussa Sahweil.

Sahweil was one of the three fighters who carried out a resistance operation yesterday against the Israeli military in Gaza, and which killed 4 Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli army besieged Sahweil's home and expelled the residents who had opened the home to receive condolences for the death of Sahweil. Israeli soldiers then planted the house with explosives and prevented the family from collecting their belongings.

In addition today, the Israeli army also destroyed electricity, water and telephone networks in most parts of Beit Hanoun.

The whole area is closed with more ditches and sand piles made in order to obstruct movement. A new military roadblock was also set up at the entrance of Beit Hanoun, on Salah al-Din road to prevent the residents from crossing. Israeli soldiers opened fire at ambulances attempting to cross.

Beit Hanoun has been besieged and subjected to a heavy military attack since May 15th of this year.

`Tawjihi' students in Beit Hanoun, which continues to be subjected to a vicious Israeli military attack, were unable to sit their exams today.

In Rafah, the Israeli army demolished last night and today a number of homes in al-Salam residential quarter. Abu Holi and al-Matahin military roadblocks on Salah al-Din Street are closed and students were unable to reach schools in oder to sit for final exams.

Tulkarem: Israeli Army Invades City and Deir Ghasyoun Village

Also this afternoon, 15 Israeli tanks and armored vehicles, supported by helicopters, invaded the Shweikeh suburb in Tulkarem and imposed a curfew on the residents.

Entrances to the suburb and roads leading to al-Sha'rawiya villages were completely closed.

Earlier today, 4 Palestinian residents were wounded when a speeding Israeli armored vehicle crashed into a minibus on the Tulkarem-al-Sha'rawiya.

The siege imposed on Tulkarem City was tightened even further by new military roadblocks set up at the northern, eastern and western entrances. Students were forced to take alternative routes to reach their schools.

An Israeli military force early this morning, invaded the Deir Ghasyoun Village, north of Tulkarem, and spread throughout its streets, alleyways and surrounding fields.

Two shops supplying agricultural products were broken into and vandalized and large quantities of their products were confiscated.
The shops belong to Jamil Abu Ali, the Mayor of the Village, and Mohammad Isma'il.

The bodies of those killed in Atil Village last Thursday continue to be held by the Israeli army.

Nablus: Ongoing Israeli Raids and Arrests

Last night and at dawn today, the Israeli army reinvaded the Balata refugee camp and closed all its entrances. A large number of homes were also raided in al- Dahiya, Al-Quds street and the surroundings of Balata refugee camp. At least 5 Palestinian residents were

The Israeli army also carried out bulldozing activities in the surrounding areas of the 2 Askar refugee camps, east of the city. A tight military closure is being imposed on all the entrances to the city.

The villages of Azmout, Deir Hatab and Beit Forik continue to be placed under tight military siege. Last night 2 residents were physically attacked by Israeli soldiers in the area. One suffered from fractures and was admitted into the hospital.

Heavy Israeli military presence was also reported around Asira al-Shamaliya and Zawata Village, which was subjected to home raids and military attacks last night.

Also at dawn today, the Israeli occupation army invaded the Al-Ubeidiya town, east of Bethlehem, and arrested 14 of its residents during a campaign of Palestinian house raids.

Hebron: Home Demolished; Conclusive Military Curfew

The Israeli army demolished an ancient home today in the Old City of Hebron and, amidst intense and random fire, imposed a wider military curfew to include the majority of residential areas in the city.

Since yesterday, the Israeli army imposed a tight military siege around the Old City and at 4:00 am blew up a home in the quarter located near the al-Birahimi mosque.

The home belonged to the al-Harbawi family and the Israeli army claims that the 2 men who killed an Israeli soldier yesterday evening found refuge in the house. Several adjacent homes were damaged as a result, since homes in the Old City are very close to one another.

A number of relatives of the resistance fighters Alaa al-Nakhouri (22 years old) and Walid Ubeido (20 years old), who were killed yesterday evening in armed confrontations with Israeli soldiers, were arrested today. The two bodies continue to be held by the occupation army.

In the meantime, the Israeli army continues to carryout a campaign of home raids in various residential areas in the city. Provocative measures were practiced against the residents during searches. Many were forced out of their homes. Witnesses reported that Israeli soldiers in some
cases used explosives to blow up the front doors of homes before raiding them. Many reported furniture being destroyed.
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories
29 May - 4 June, 2003

- 6 Palestinians, including a child, were killed by Israeli
- 1 of the victims was assassinated by Israeli forces in Khan
- Israeli forces conducted a series of incursions into
Palestinian areas
- 17 houses were completely or partially destroyed and more than
80 donums of agricultural land were razed in the Gaza Strip
- Indiscriminate shelling of Palestinian residential areas
- Israel continues its campaign of retaliation against the
families of wanted Palestinians and those who allegedly carried
out armed attacks against Israeli targets, resulting the
destruction of 4 houses
- More Palestinians were arrested
- Continued siege on Palestinian communities and all roads in
the West Bank were closed

Despite statements made by Israeli government officials on
efforts made to ease the situation for Palestinians as a
prerequisite to the implementation of the Road Map, Israeli
occupying forces have continued to conduct illegal actions and human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, including collective punishment, shelling of and incursions into Palestinian areas, house demolitions and agricultural land leveling. This week 29 May - 4 June 2003, 6 Palestinians, including a child, were killed by Israeli occupying forces.

This week, Israeli occupying forces conducted a series of
incursions into Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip, during
which they demolished a number of Palestinian houses and razedlarge areas of agricultural land. Israeli forces conducted 5 incursions into the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and its refugee camp, during which they totally destroyed 5 Palestinian houses and 11 others partially and razed 19 donums of agricultural land. Israeli forces also razed more than 45 donums of Palestinian agricultural land in the southeast of Gaza City.

In Khan Yunis, Israeli forces conducted 3 incursions into the
southeast and east of the town, during which they demolished a Palestinian house and razed 21 donums of agricultural land.

For the third consecutive week, Israeli forces have been
positioned at the entrances of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun, imposing a strict siege on the area. They have seized a number of Palestinian houses in the area and
transformed them into military locations, from which they fired at Palestinian civilians.

In a continuation of the policy of extra-judicial assassination officially adopted by the Israeli political and military establishments against Palestinian political and field activists of the Intifada, this week, Israeli occupying forces assassinated an allegedly wanted Hamas activist in al-Qarara village, east of Khan Yunis. Israeli forces fired at the victim in his house and fired at him again when his neighbors attempted to evacuate him to hospital.

This week, in a number of cases of willful killing, Israeli
occupying forces shot dead 3 Palestinians, including a member of the Palestinian National Security Force. Three other
Palestinians succumbed to wounds they had previously sustained by Israeli forces.

In a violation of international humanitarian law, which
prohibits collective punishment, Israeli forces took retaliatory measures against families of Palestinians who have carried out attacks against Israeli targets in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and those wanted by Israeli forces. In this context, they destroyed 4 houses in the West Bank.

Israeli occupying forces continue to maintain a total siege on the OPT. They have isolated Palestinian communities from one another and have partitioned the Gaza Strip into three separate zones, restricting the movement of people and goods. They have also maintained curfews on some areas in the West Bank. Israeli occupying a uthorities have also prevented Palestinians aged 16-35 from traveling abroad and Palestinians traveling through Rafah Terminal at the Egyptian border have faced difficulties due to Israeli restrictions.

This is just a small sampling of the neglected news.

Dorothy predicted two months ago, based upon a military radio program that each group of international Peace workers would be systematically removed...and then the focus would be on them.

I used to joke that I would not work for them (New Profile)because they do not have an office...and a corner window. Now I understand it to be a good thing that they do not..because, as dedicated to peace as they are, it would be in jeopardy.

Make Inquiry and May Truth Prevail.

Mary La Rosa

"Peace is the Presence of Justice" ~ Martin Luther King

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