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UCSC Revokes Fish-Killing Frat's Recognition

Delta Omega Chi no longer welcome at UCSC after judicial review
The UC Santa Cruz administration has revoked Delta Omega Chi's "recognition" after their review of the fish-killing incident.

Story here:

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¡que bueno!

there are 10 greek societies on the UCSC campus. one down, 9 to go...

Step In the Right Direction

The university's action is definatley a good step; I am still a little amazed at some of the reaction to this display of cruelty. Even by those opposing the frat boys' actions:

Yesterday's Sentinal article quoting a young woman

"I eat fish but I don't eat people's goldfish".

What's the difference? The fact that the "goldfish" was some person's property?

Or that some persons are emotionally attched to the fish?

Why is it cruel to kill a koi fish but kill and eat salmon, trout, carp, tuna, mackerel, flounder, haddock, sole, etc.?

does this mean MTV is pulling out too?

we should throw those assholes a go-away party...

Re: UCSC Revokes Fish-Killing Frat's Recognition

hi amazed,

I agree with you about eating fish. It's weird to me how many people who harp on about non-violence eat animals. Gandhi said, "...non-violence begins with the fork". If you eat animals, and that includes fish, you are perpetuating the most incidious, far-reaching kind of violence there is.

Maybe if that woman quoted in the Senile had to kill her own fish she'd see what's really involved and have a change of heart.


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