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Mayor De la Paz

Anyone who's had occassion to observe Mayor Richard De la Paz at a Watsonville City Council meeting can attest that he's a belligerent man. He's confrontational; looking for a fight in the tradition of George W.
Inarticulate and rude, conservative and nasty.

On May 28th he was alledgedly in a bar brawl (if you believe his attorney, Steve La Berge, la Paz was an unwitting victim). I wasn't surprised when I heard the news.

Last Thursday the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department completed its initial investigation and submitted its results to the DA's office Friday morning.

Ahem. I don't think that the Sherriff's department will be honest in this case.

This is a man who has said that he has higher political aspirations, first County Supervisor, then State legislature. And though Tony Campos (aw gee shucks folks I'm a millionare for the people and the people don't need unions they need work) is no bargain, de la Paz is worse. One can only imagine the teeth gnashing possibility of him in Laird's seat.

Keep you eyes on this one folks. It smacks of corruption.

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Demoted Mayor Votes for Himself

Watsonville City Council meetings are hard to take.

Whether council members are kissing up to Home Depot or kissing up to the chief of police (with notable exception Anna Ventura), sitting through a whole meeting is tough.

I have to hand it to Judy Doering-Nielson (whose usual mission is to beautify Watsonville, though it should be noted she opposed water flouridation; one of her better moments) for instigating the dethrowning of Mayor Richard.

The vote was 4-3 with the 'ex' mayor voting for himself!

de la Paz says he's 'not going anywhere'.

District Attorney Bob Lee is still looking into de la Paz's alleged bar fight and woman bashing. Attorney Lee (who might succeed in getting people like Steve Argue banned from Pacific Garden Mall)is, if nothing else, quite a showman. I anticipate a riveting performance in the de la Paz case.

de la Paz Charged

Watsonville city council member Richard de la Paz has been charged by the Santa Cruz DA. Excerpt from Bob Lee's email:

"The Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office has announced that former Mayor of Watsonville Richard De la Paz has been charged in connection with the May 28, 2003 incident. Mr. De la Paz will be arraigned tomorrow, June 27th, in Department 1 at 8:30 a.m. at the Santa Cruz County Superior Court. A press conference will be held following the arraignment."

'Re: Mayor De la Paz'

'i think de la paz is a drunk and having observed him very carefully at my former workplace where he often \" got wasted\" i think he is a horrible addition to watsonville\'s city council and should be thrown out. i will do anything in my power to make sure he is not re elected and i hope that the city of watsonville will join me.'


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