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Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Santa Cruz resident, Lindsay Parme, is facing the brunt of the government's new war on activists. She was arrested at her home on Thursday by the F.B.I. for refusing to provide any information about fellow activists. Now she needs our support to help take a stand against this government repression!

V-Man Interview with Lindsay Parme Supporter

This Tuesday we will be gathering at the U.S. District Court House in San Jose (280 South 1st St) at 12:30pm to protest Lindsay's jailing. Lindsay is scheduled to appear before the judge at 2pm, and this time we WILL be allowed in the court-room, so please join us to help let the judge know Lindsay is a valuable member of the community who should not be locked up!

(Note: if anyone has a local or national media contact who might want to run an article about Lindsay and the grand jury, please call 323.304.2211 or 323.993.5720)

Lindsay Parme is in jail for defying a judge’s order to appear before a New Jersey Grand Jury. She needs all the support we can muster. In this time of increased government repression, it is crucial that we stand strong and united in opposition to their grand juries and other assaults on our liberties and freedom.

***Lindsay is not receiving Vegan food while in jail. We’ve spoken with the facility administration this weekend and were promised that the jail would make every effort to provide her Vegan meals. We’ll see about that. In the meantime, folks can remind them that Lindsay has gone without a meal since Thursday. The phone number for the Elmwood Women’s Correctional Facility is: (408) 957-5400 or (408) 957-5414

Lindsay Parme
Housing Unit: W2F
Booking #: 03030979

**Additionally, Lindsay would appreciate mail while she spends the next two weeks in jail before being transferred to New Jersey. Bear in mind, at this point it’s looking like she’ll be at the address below until June 27th. Expect it to take ~4 days for your letters to reach her.

Address mail to:
Lindsay Parme #03030979, PFN: DSF392
Elmwood Correctional Center for Women
P.O. Box 360910
Milpitas, CA 95036-0910

Lindsay can receive:

  • Up to 5 photos
  • Up to 5 news articles or clippings
  • Only books sent from the publisher
  • No blank stationary, envelopes, stamps, etc
  • No stickers, or glued items
  • No envelope larger than an 8 1/2 x 11 manila

*If you are so inclined, you can write a letter to Magistrate Lloyd and email it to Any letters we receive before 9am on Tuesday morning will be printed out and presented to the judge hearing Lindsay’s case that afternoon. Letters indicating that Lindsay is a responsible and respectful individual would be nice. It also would be good to mention the suffering of animals and the political motivations behind these grand jury investigations. Please title the emails ("Letter to Magistrate").

You can also call Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles B. McKenna - the scoundrel heading this New Jersey witch-hunt. Let him know what you think about his Grand Jury and Huntingdon Life Sciences. (973) 645-2716 or (973) 645-2700

***Most importantly, get out there and work even harder for the animals. Letters and Vegan meals are great, but what really sustains an activist in jail is hearing about actions on behalf of the animals. Let’s not forget that the filthy bastards at HLS are behind this grand jury. So get out there, get busy, and make them pay.***

Some Background information:

There are currently at least SIX Grand Juries currently investigating the AR movement. Never talk with law enforcement and if you receive a visit or a subpoena, contact your local organization, No Compromise, or SHAC.

A Grand Jury was convened some time ago in New Jersey and based on the information we’ve obtained, it’s safe to say this grand jury is investigating the SHAC campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Lindsay Parme, a long-time activist from California, was originally subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury back in January. She never went.

Thursday, June 12th, Lindsay was arrested outside her home by FBI agents and taken before Magistrate Howard Lloyd at the San Jose federal courthouse to determine whether she would be transferred to New Jersey under the custody of U.S. Marshals. This Tuesday (June 17th) Lindsay will again go before Magistrate Lloyd where it is likely he’ll rule that she be held at Elmwood Women’s Correctional Facility (San Jose/ Milpitas) until June 27th when she’ll be shipped to New Jersey. In New Jersey, she’ll be dragged before the grand jury and faces 18 months in prison should she refuse to answer their questions.

This grand jury is purely motivated by politics and Lindsay believes that she is morally right in her refusal to cooperate with a grand jury whose sole purpose is to gather intelligence about the movement and to disrupt the efforts of activists working to stop animal suffering.

In grand jury proceedings, an individual is denied the right to counsel and is often prohibited from asserting Fifth Amendment and other constitutional rights. Grand juries operate in total secrecy and the public is barred from the grand jury room. The U.S. attorney has indicated that Lindsay is not even a target and is simply wanted as a witness. Again, she faces 18 months in prison not for breaking any law, but for essentially refusing to be a witness for the federal government. God bless Amerika.


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Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Lindsay is an amazing person and an amazing activist. My heart breaks at the thought of her being a kidnapped citizen held without charge for an unknown duration of time. She needs our support, she needs vegan food, she needs to be free, and all of us need to show the FBI that draconian tactics such as these do not fly in what is advertised as a "free country".

It is in every social justice movement's intrests to support her in this situation. To allow the FBI to kidnap an non-targeted individual and force them to aid an investigation is unconstitutional and criminal. To let this continue without resistance is to assure the feds that they can continue utilizing these tactics, and could open up floodgates of repression on activist collectives of all genres.

I would urge everyone in every struggle to give a portion of their time to resisting this grand jury and assuring lindsays freedom and the the constitutional freedoms of all americans.

Lindsay deserves to be home with her loved ones, not held without vegan food, not forced to be extridited to New Jersey, not to be forced to answer questions about activist collectives!

Write letters of support to Lindsay
Write the judge letters of protest
Write/call the jail demanding she be fed vegan food.
Protest the 11 draconian federal grand jury probes into activist collectives.


Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

just another example of the assault on our supposed freedoms.just another day when a new tear rolls down my's getting very serious and very sickening as to what supposed freedoms are.i will pray for her and pray that she sticks to her guns so as to inspire us,because she no doubt won't be the last.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Everyone brace yourselves, cause here comes the police state.

Read the Prliminary Injunction

This is a link to the injuction posted on the Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition website:

FBI criminal behavior

Why do people keep harping about unconstitutional and criminal behavior of police?

What we have here is a state of full legal anarchy. The Constitution was a fine gentlemen's agreement of sorts, but our lauded "rule of law" has collapsed. There are so many technicalities and loopholes anymore that it's a joke.

The cops have the weapons. The cops have the armor. The cops have the communications. The cops have the strategies. The cops have the prisons.

We don't have jack shit.

So the cops win, time and time again. Every day, on the streets, in the alleys, in our cars, in the city parks, at our jobs, and in our homes the cops win and we lose.

Every day.

How many times must the other team disregard the rules of the game, before you realize that they're no longer playing the game?

They rule us through force, and only force will free us. Pacifism is rationalized cowardice and negotiated surrender.

We know, in our hearts, what is right and wrong. Human laws cannot dictate these things, they can only respect or violate them. Obedience to right and wrong, is morality. Obedience to legal and illegal, is merely submission.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

What were the specific charges againsy Lindsay?



It appears that she is charged with refusal to testify when called by a grand jury.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

There is a post on portland indymedia:
'open letter from Lindsay Parme'.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Yesterday (June 25th) Lindsay was moved yet again to another facility by U$ Marshals. We aren't sure where she's currently being held, but at least wanted to let people know that she's no longer at Elmwood Women's Facility or in Alameda County at Santa Rita jail (or so we are told). For updates on Lindsay's situation, Grand Juries, and to hear about action that others have taken in support of Lindsay, please check out:

An injury to one is an injury to all...

Until All are free,

Lindsay Released

Lindsay has been released after a few minutes of questioning. She is back in Santa Cruz.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

She was arrested at her home on Thursday by the F.B.I. for refusing to provide any information about fellow terrorists.

well, this just goes to show, lay down with dogs and you will get up with fleas.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Nah Nah you can't bait me. I know you are a wilted vegetable. Lindsay is the best.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

we shall see how much time she gets for aiding fugitives the standard is 8 to 25 years depending on what crimes these fugitives have committed. but this is part of the excitement of being a subversive. now we'll see how fun the prison time will be.

Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Citizen's can receive a cash reward of up to $1000 for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or information that solves an unsolved crime.


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