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2003 Peninsula Peace, Justice, Human Rights Symposium

Scott Ritter to Keynote at 2003 Peninsula Benefit for Peace, Justice and Human Rights. Also, Charles Liteky, Marie Davis, and More.
the 2003 Peninsula Symposium/Benefit for Peace, Justice and Human Rights
San Mateo Performing Arts Center 600 North Delaware, San Mateo, California
Sunday, June 29, 2pm – 6pm

Please join us for an afternoon of compelling presentations, multimedia and entertainment benefiting the organizations listed below.

The following are speaker/presenters scheduled for the Symposium:

Keynote, Scott Ritter, Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector
Charles Liteky, Voices in the Wilderness, Iraq Peace Team
Wellstone Action!
Marie Davis, NAACP
Paul Gilbert, ACLU of Northern California
Oxfam/Make Trade Fair
Torill Eide, Dorinda Moreno, the Human Rights March
United Farm Workers
Alpesh Patel, Peace Action
David Mezzera, SOA Watch
Peninsula Peace and Justice
Poet Darin Nathan
Douglas Mattern, President, Association of World Citizens
Surprise Guests, Entertainment and More!

Tickets are $55.00, $45.00 and $25.00. Please visit for details or call for tickets at 866.468.3399.

the 100 Year March, founded in 2002, is a grass-roots, national, non-profit organization dedicated to Peace, Education, Equality and Justice. After Symposium expenses, net receipts from this event will be divided equally among represented organizations.

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Re: 2003 Peninsula Peace, Justice, Human Rights Symposium

Come and support your favorite non-profit organizations.

Re: 2003 Peninsula Peace, Justice, Human Rights Symposium

Reminder. The symposium is this coming Sunday in San Mateo, CA. Come join us. Make it a bay area weekend.


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