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FATHERS - The "Other" Parent

Panel discussion on Men & Parenting on Voices, SCCTV Channel 27. Live and call-in Thursday 6/19, 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. - rebroadcast Saturday 6/21 same time. Guests include Tim Hartnett, Dave Kramer-Urner and Steve Ashley; host is Mark Halfmoon.
There will be a panel discussion on Men & Parenting on Voices, of Santa Cruz Community Television, this coming Thursday, 6/19 from 7:30 to 8:30. The program is live and call-in Thursday night on Ch. 27, and the call-in number is 425-8844. It will be rebroadcast Sat 7:30-8:30.

The panelists will be:

Dave Kramer-Urner is a physical therapist and supervising therapist at the Medical Therapy facility of California Children's Services. Noticing the special challenges of fathers of these special children, he has started a fledgling support group for fathers of children with disabilities. Dave has a daughter who is 5 and 3/4 years old, and is a member of a local men's group.

Steve Ashley, is the founder of the Divorced Fathers¹ Network, which assists divorced/divorcing parents with co-parenting issues, holds weekly support groups for divorced fathers and maintains a website at, Below is an excerpt from one of their recent newsletters:
“The Divorced Fathers Network would like to be the first to acknowledge dads on Fathers Day...Perfection is not a requirement for those honored on Fathers Day. The requirements for acknowledgment are:
 a love of one's children
 a willingness to shelter and protect
 a commitment to remain in your kid's life.?

Tim Hartnett is a practicing LMFCC and writes a regular feature in "Growing Up in Santa Cruz" titled "Daddyman Speaks. The website is Below is an aricle from the website On Dads and Love:

“No one had ever suggested to me that the most important thing I had to offer the world was my love. I was taught that fathers are important because they earn money, provide discipline, teach right from wrong, protect their families, and model manhood. Love wasn't even on the list. It was mothers who were the experts on love. In truth, a father's love is his greatest gift. But our culture has not reflected back to us the importance of our love.?

Moderator will be Mark Halfmoon, a Voices producer and also a father. The discussion will touch on:

 How men are creating a new role that transcends the traditional idea of mother-as-nurturer and father-as-provider & disciplinarian.
 With the divorce rate over 50%, most children do not live with both of their biological parents and most often live with mothers - what challenges are there for these families?
 Do men have a particularly difficult time getting support for their needs after divorce?
 What are the political implications for challenging and revising the male gender role?
 What does being a father mean to a man's self-image and personal development?
 What if there is no dad - what is the role of other male relatives, community support organizations, mentors and counselors?

You are invited to watch the program and call in questions or comments. We're on each Thursday and Saturday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Channel 27 and cover a variety of topics of local and national interest, related to politics & government, media & culture.

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