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CKUT Radio: Sacramento Mobilization - Resistance is Rising

An interview with Luke Anderson author of Genetic Engineering Food & Our Environment about the coming Sacramento mobilization opposing a "Corporate Agriculture Ministerial" being held in Sacramento from June 20-25. The Bush administration, USAID, United States Department of Agriculture, and the State Department will be hosting government ministers from 180 nations and transitional corporate reps to a meeting in Sacramento California, to pave the way for trade agreements like the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which means in concrete terms the privatization of water, genetic engineering and factory farming. These meetings in Sacramento, like the WTO mini-ministerial meeting set to take place in Montreal from July 28-30th are key stepping stones for the US, other G8 nations and their corporate backers to push through their agenda in the lead up to the next World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun in September.

Activists involved with various social movements from throughout the world are currently organizing to confront these meetings in the streets of Sacramento, California for a five-day festival of diverse resistance to biotechnology, "free trade" agreements like the FTAA and institutions like the WTO. Currently there are non-violent direct actions, marches, rallies and teach-ins planned for Sacramento.

-> To listen to the interview with Luke Anderson visit:

-> To get more information about the Sacramento mobilization visit:

-> Shodown in Sacramento? Bush's Biotech Bullies Vs. The World By Aziz Choudry

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