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Savage Tries to Bite Local Couple

Michael Savage's owners are suing Thomas and Gunilla Leavitt.
Someone call off the wild Savages.

Talk Radio Network is suing the Leavitts for a half a mill. They claim that emails and not nice postings on the Leavitt website have resulted in the loss of a contract. Loss of 100,000 big buckeroos.

That's anti-freetrade, and that's a big no-no 'round those parts.

I'm rootin' for the home team. Go Team.

Don't forget to tell MSNBC what you think of their little money maker.

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More Info on Savagery Against Leavitt

Watch for an interview with Thomas Leavitt on the lawsuit against him and the SavageStupidity website, coming up in July--on a Tuesday and Thursday night 7 p.m. on Club Cruz.

The Savage lawsuit was also the subject of a Dan White front-page Sentinel story on Wednesday June 18th.

The Leavitt family is undergoing extreme economic duress at this time and the lawsuit is yet another burden.


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