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The Black Bloc Ruins Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for WTO

The black bloc, a globally active group which helps to orchestrate medical training, affinity groups and protest tactics, managed to disturb the WTO's ribbon cutting ceremony in Sacramento, California on Monday June 23. The group, known for it's bad publicity and anarcho-pacifist tactics was instrumental in stopping the WTO having it's technology expo staged outside.
A group of black bloc folks were sitting in a circle at the state capitol park when they were suddely surrounded by a milititarized police force. The group was subject to violence.

Instantly hippies and conservative liberals around the park rushed to their defense. Through exessive chanting, despite tazors being brandished and the use of chemical sprays the crowd held its ground in pushing back and unarresting the black bloc. Many memembers in the group recognized there IMC.compatriots and assisted the black bloc sector into safety. Despite exssive physical violence shown by the police the crowd was able to maintain control and force the police off of the grass and onto the sidewalk. The festivities continued at the state capitol until Food Not Bombs began serving at the welcome center. People slowly dispersed leaving in a festive positive mood.

The unarrest tactic is one aspect that black bloc has been instrumental in teeching their peers at protests and is now affectively being used to aid them to safety as well.

The Sacramento mobilization, despite it's small size has been an extremely well organized demonstration which has been proven extraordinarily successful.

After the unarrests came the groups reconvened after lunch in front of the convention center. Because of the effectiveness of tactics deployed, the ribbon cutting ceremony was moved inside. Unfortunately for the police, public sympathy is with the people and not with them. Fearful of delegates dwindling interests in GMOS's and GE technology and growing awareness of the corporate/police/america state they attempted to hide the delegates away from the city and its real festivities. Too bad Monsanto with all it's money and greed can't throw a party like the people can.

For more information on the San Diego border mobolization against the WTO please visit the San Diego IMC website. Only you can stop the WTO!


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Re: The Black Bloc Ruins Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for WTO

to hippie chick embraces black bloc:

first, cool. thanks for not bad-jacketing anarchists. but a few notes:

"the black bloc, a globally active group..."
well, not quite group. try tactic, used by like-minded individuals and/or collectives.

"known for it's bad publicity and anarcho-pacifist tactics..."
bad publicity, yes (by the mainstream press)
anarcho-pacifist tactics, again not quite. pacifism to some means relinquishing the right to self-defense, which many black bloc'ers do not agree to. i would call the tactics direct action.

when police use tasers and chemical weapons, we need to stick together.


Re: The Black Bloc Ruins Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for WTO

The Black Bloc has nothing to do with orchestrating medical trainings. You might be thinking the "black cross"? Medics orchestrate medical trainings. We have nothing to do with the Black Bloc.


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