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International Bubble Performer Arrested In Santa Cruz for Juggling

Man arrested for juggling three lemons! Our "liberal, progressive" city council has outlawed bubble-blowing, frisbee toss, hacky-sacking, and hopscotch. Music and political tables are limited to 1 hour per day (in one location) and the locations available must be 10 feet from a building, crosswalk, intersection, kiosk, fence, telephone, drinking fountain, and 50 feet from an ATM! Police are arresting people for feeding the birds and for failing to "move-along." Now, the DA is putting together a list and photo album of "chronic offenders" who will be banished entirely on threat of arrest from Pacific Ave. Our wonderful town has been turned into a police state run by the merchants. The first amendment is moribund. Call Mayor Reilly at 420-5020 and voice your concern!

[ Arrested for Juggling I Privatization on Pacific Ave. I Betrayal by City Council ]

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