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PRESS RELEASE: Hails Victory in Domain Name Dispute vs. Talk Radio Network and Michael Savage wins Domain Name Dispute with Michael Savage's syndication company, Talk Radio Networks, Inc. UDRP Panelist declares domain "not confusingly similar", due to inclusion of "stupidity" in the domain name and generic nature of the terms "savage" and "stupidity".
PRESS RELEASE: Hails Victory in Domain Name Dispute vs. Talk Radio Network and Michael Savage
For Immediate Release

Contact: Thomas Leavitt, co-founder, 408-591-3342 or info (at)

June 29th, 2003

SANTA CRUZ, CA - On Friday, June 27th, 2003 the National Arbitration Forum issued a decision in the domain name dispute filed by Talk Radio Networks, Inc. (TRN) of Oregon against, a web site devoted to documenting and critiquing the public statements of popular conservative radio and TV talk show host Michael Savage. TRN had contended that the domain name was "confusingly similar" to the "Michael Savage" trademark and various domain names owned by TRN and used in association with "The Savage Nation", which the company syndicate to over three hundred shows nationwide. Panelist Karl V. Fink (Ret.), appointed by the NAF to decide the dispute, denied TRN's request to assume possession of the domain name, stating that the domain name is "not confusingly similar", both due to the inclusion of "stupidity" in the domain name and the generic nature of the terms "savage" and "stupidity".

Talk Radio Network, Inc. has also filed a lawsuit against the co-founders of, Thomas and Gunilla Leavitt (and two other web site owners), claiming that their promotion of a boycott against advertisers on "The Savage Nation" has cost them $1.2 million dollars in actual damages, and asking for additional unspecified punitive damages. Thomas and Gunilla are being represented by Public Citizen, a nationally recognized public interest law firm, on a pro bono basis in that case. Details, including two press releases and full documentation of all motions and responses filed to date, are available via the web site.

The NAF also issued a decision favoring the defendant in a parallel case filed by TRN against (further information available on that site).

"This was clearly a meritless filing, intended only to harass and intimidate Savage's critics," said Thomas Leavitt, co-founder. "Gunilla and I are gratified that the panelist saw that. Savage's attempt to squelch his critics has backfired in a major way, leading to a ten-fold surge in traffic to, and vastly increased awareness of the retrograde nature of Savage's commentary among the general public."

Evidence of this can be seen by the strong response to web logger Neal Pollack's call for participants in "Appropriate Michael Savage's Name For Your Own Purposes Day" (June 25th, 2003). Pollack's site ( documents participation by at least 65 separate web sites, including some of the web's most prominent "bloggers", reaching a combined audience in the hundreds of thousands.

Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation", syndicated by TRN to over 300 radio stations nationwide, is the fourth most highly rated radio talk show in the nation according to Talkers Magazine, reaching an audience of between 4 and 8 million daily. Savage also hosts a television talk show of the same name on MSNBC. Savage's history of controversial statements led to widespread protests when news of the latter became public, with organizations such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamaation (GLAAD), the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) all launching efforts to discourage sponsors from advertising on it.

Savage has, among other well documented comments, labeled the ACLU a "terrorist organization", called GLBT pride marchers "the brownshirts of the modern era" and claimed that "the gay and lesbian mafia wants your children", called teenage kindnap/rape victims "sluts", and said women should be denied the vote because "their hormones rage... they are too emotional". These are not isolated statements, but characteristic of his show on a daily basis: as recently as June 9th, 2003, documented him stating that for every one hard working farmworker taking jobs Americans don't want, there are "four or five" illegal immigrants "sitting in front of the television" on welfare, "popping out babies like tasty bread".

More details about Michael Savage's controversial statements can be found on the following web sites:,, and the GLAAD web site (


Founded in May of 2002,'s goal is to raise awareness about Michael Savage's hateful diatribes and the attitudes they foster and support among his listener audience. To that end, it has generated over 750,000 page views, including nearly 250,000 in June of 2003 alone, published a wide selection of "hate mail" from Savage supporters demonstrating Savage's noxious influence, and been repeatedly cited as one of the primary sources for information on Michael "Savage" and "The Savage Nation".

A copy of this release in HTML format is available at

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