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Interdependence Day

I pledge allegiance to the soil
Of Turtle Island,
And to the beings who thereon dwell
One ecosystem
In diversity
Under the sun
With joyful interpenetration for all.
Gary Snyder in Axe Handles
July 3rd 1992, at the PlaNetweavers Treasure Store on Haight Street in San Francisco, we created a window display on the theme of Interdependence. The central graphic design was later taken by silk-screener, Maggi Moon, in New Zealand and printed on the first Maggie's Organic t-shirts. In our process of learning and interweaving, the day before July 4 naturally lent itself to the reflection upon and acknowledgement of our interdependence with all life. The celebrations of July 4 are in no way diminished by this observance. The USA Declaration of Independence was itself an evolution of consciousness and was inspired in no small part by the 1320 Treaty of Arbroath (Scotland). Both these declaration were a welcome empowering and rise of the human spirit in the face of unjust impositions.
Each such impetus has marked a new awareness, a new regard, a new respect. Human beings have walked a path whereby we have had first to recognize our sovereign self and sovereign rights and from there to emerge into the knowingness of ourselves as one shimmering thread in the rich fabric of all life.
The '90's saw the concept of interdependence weaving its way into many texts and visions. In Legacy of Luna, Julia Butterfly Hill describes how July 3rd became Interdependence Day to her during her epic tree-sit. - Whatever the ultimate designated day or days, the primary purpose is to focus our hearts and celebrations on what it truly means to be inextricably woven in the web of life and to inspire us to live through this heart-consciousness as a planetary community.
This is a fairly lengthy email concerning Interdependence and the Day of Observance of the same. Worth saving for reference, it being the weaving of several different initiative threads. Suffice to say that we as human beings with an impetus to realize our full human potential have distilled this notion and attached it to different dates for different reasons. The Johannesburg 2002 Earth Summit set the date at September 1st. Perhaps we will all alight on this date. Perhaps having a series of dates in the early years is what it takes to anchor an emerging concept in. If it serves us to finally settle on one day on the annual calendar, Independence Day Eve, July 3rd, remains a perfect moment to reflect....
May Peace Prevail on Earth
Corrina McFarlane, July 3, 2003
Time to Shine
founding member Womenrise for Global Peace
Declaration of Interdependence - first brought forth at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium at the 1992 Quincentennial Columbus Day event (established at that time as Indigenous Peoples' Day from the Berkeley 500 Task Force)
Declaration of Interdependence

WHEN in the course of human events, it becomes clear that governments and the people they represent must come together and declare their interdependence with nature and individuals of of all races and ethnic cultures so that survival of our life on Earth might be assured, it becomes necessary to declare our commitment to the principles of this document and affirm our faith in the good will of all human.

We hold these truths to be self-evident;

THAT all species are necessary parts of the whole mosaic of life;

THAT diversity in the human family as well as the diversity of the human imagination which creates the rich tapestry of social institutions and cultures be essential to the survival of the human spirit;

THAT every person has value and the right to be treated with dignity and respect, with special recognition of children who represent our future;

THAT all people have the right to a safe and healthy environments;

THAT each individual and the institutions we have created to serve us must recognize and nurture these truths.

WE THEREFORE, through this document, solemnly DECLARE that the activities of Governments and social institutions must rest on the good will of the people who, having pledged ourselves to the spirit of peaceful INTERDEPENDENCE do hereby set about the task before us. And for the support of the Declaration we mutually pledge to each other of sacred Honor and Commitment.


We, The World - INTERDEPENDENCE DAY Co-Existence or No Existence
In proclaiming Interdependence Day, we are acknowledging the evident - that we are all connected, and that when one thread in the web of life is sundered, all are diminished. Where equity and mutual respect prevail, all benefit. Interdependence is a reality, a gift, and a responsibility.

We, The World, with many other non-profit co-sponsors and sponsored by, has launched Interdependence Day September 1st as the start of Culture of Peace month. By launching it at the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, the work and spirit of civil society at the Summit can continue each year as an annual tradition of global celebration, information and action. Let us know if your organization(s) would like to Sponsor or Co-sponsor our Interdependence Day celebration 2003.
We, The World recently co-sponsored the recent very successful Planetwork gathering in San Francisco "This was the best conference I have ever been to!" Hazel Henderson, June 9th, 2003.

"The Bioneers herald for this new century and millennium a Declaration of Interdependence, a celebration of the sacred recognition that we are the trees, the land, the water, the whales, the redwoods, the mushrooms, the microbes. How very fortunate we are to get to come home at last."
Kenny Ausabel, in the preface to his book The Bioneers: Declarations of Interdependence

The Earth Charter is an international people's (not governments, UN or organizations) agreement for a compassionate, just and sustainable world that was written by thousands of folks in 78 countries over the course of 12 years and was launched at the Hague Peace Palace in June 2000. It has the core value of interdependence and calls for economic and social justice, peace, democracy and ecological integrity.

Posted on Common Dreams Published on Saturday, July 6, 2002 in the Toronto Globe & Mail - "We Need a Global Declaration of Interdependence. The Western ideal of comfort and wealth holds a hollow promise for the rest of the world and provides fodder for extremists." Wade Davis


Declaration of Interdependence
I pledge allegiance…..
"..I pledge allegiance to the soil
Of Turtle Island
And to the beings who thereon dwell
One ecosystem
In diversity
Under the sun
With joyful interpenetration for all"

Ah to be alive
On a mid-September morn
Fording a stream
Barefoot, pants rolled up,
Holding boots, pack on,
Sunshine, ice in the shallows, Northern Rockies
Rustle and shimmer of icy creek waters
Stones turn underfoot, small and hard
As toes

Cold nose dripping
Singing inside
Creek music, heart music,
Smell of sun on gravel.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the soil
Of Turtle Island,
And to the beings who thereon dwell
One ecosystem
In diversity
Under the sun
With joyful interpenetration for all.
Gary Snyder in Axe Handles


The Hannover Principles

1.Insist on Rights of humanity & nature to co-exist

2.Recognize Interdependaence

3.Respect relationships between spirit & matter

4.Accept responsibility for the consequences of design

5.Create safe objects of longterm value

6.Eliminate the concept of waste

7.Rely on natural energy flows

8.Understand the limitations of design

9.Seek constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge

William McDonough + Partners © 1992 This is the page where you can find the whole text of the Hannover Principles - it's in a format that can't be cut & paste. I copied out just the basic principles

William McDonough + Partners focuses on the consequences of design across all scales, from the molecule to the master plan.

We create affordable, profitable places that build community, encourage diversity, and connect to the natural world in healthy and productive ways.

William McDonough + Partners strives to delight its clients with designs celebrating the joyful creativity of the human spirit and the abundance of nature.


One of several Declaration of Interdependence draft documents to be found on the web:

Declaration of Interdependence

Draft July 4, 1994 - July, 4th 1998

When in the course of human events, the transformation of civilization demands rapid change, and threatens the way of life we have become accustomed to, it is necessary that we reengineer our society to insure that the values we hold dear are not destroyed by our inability to face change. We have gone from dependence to independence and now face the challenge of attaining interdependence on the information super highway. We have transcended the call to arms and now face the call to empowering the individual to fruitfully participate in the collaboration we call government to create a sustainable future. The principles of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness gave us independence and our human rights. The principles of interdependence now defines our responsibilities.

We the Life Organism, divided from an original cell hold these principles to be self evident:

Our success collectively results from the thriving of our individuals.
Each individual represents a unique culmination of of the entire social and ecological evolution of Life.
Although it might seem that the world be a better place without certain people, insects or germs, these too are part of the life process and may serve functions we do not yet appreciate. We may defend our freedoms against all threats but must also recognize that our survival ultimately rests on the survival of social and ecological diversity.
Therefore, every organism has a right to its share of our planets resources, and the right to live the good life in its own way and the responsibility, when acting individually or collectively, to respect the rights of others and allow diversity to thrive……

To continue in this draft document go to:


Interdependence Day, September 12, 2003
The War in Iraq is underway. It is vital that "preventive war" strategies be supplemented and/or replaced by "preventive democracy" strategies. The "Declaration of Interdependence" and the "Interdependence Day" celebration scheduled for September 12, 2003 represent a positive alternative program of international cooperation.

The first annual Interdependence Day will be launched on September 12, 2003 at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. The event will bring together public, civic and corporate leaders, distinguished academics and diplomats, and interested citizens and students, to reflect together on the world's interdependent reality. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to sign the Declaration of Interdependence - a document affirming the interdependent character of the post-modern world -- to ponder questions of the relationship of independence to interdependence, and to celebrate the creation of an important 21st century commemorative event. The program will offer commissioned musical works and other artistic elements in addition to ceremonial and intellectual activities. A reception will follow.

The choice of September 12th for Interdependence Day was made in the hope that the symbolism of "the day after" would encourage citizens around the world to see that terrorism and war are also opportunities for civic renewal and global cooperation. The aim is to address the malevolent forms of interdependence evident in crime, global disease, financial speculation, war, and terrorism by creating benevolent forms of interdependence of the kind found in transnational sovereignty, international law and civic cooperation.

The choice of Philadelphia as the launch site carries the symbolism of America's own founding around the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and offers an ideal venue for our theme "From Independence to Interdependence." The American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743 to "promote useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities," encourages the exchange of ideas with thinkers and doers beyond the shores of the North American continent.
The Declaration of Interdependence
We the people of the world do herewith declare our interdependence as individuals and members of distinct communities and nations. We do pledge ourselves citizens of one CivWorld, civic, civil and civilized. Without prejudice to the goods and interests of our national and regional identities, we recognize our responsibilities to the common goods and liberties of humankind as a whole.

We do therefore pledge to work both directly and through the nations and communities of which we are also citizens:
To guarantee justice and equality for all by establishing on a firm basis the human rights of every person on the planet, ensuring that the least among us may enjoy the same liberties as the prominent and the powerful;

To forge a safe and sustainable global environment for all - which is the condition of human survival -- at a cost to peoples based on their current share in the world's wealth;

To offer children, our common human future, special attention and protection in distributing our common goods, above all those upon which health and education depend;

To establish democratic forms of global civil and legal governance through which our common rights can be secured and our common ends realized;


To foster democratic policies and institutions expressing and protecting our human commonality;

and at the same time,

To nurture free spaces in which our distinctive religious, ethnic and cultural identities may flourish and our equally worthy lives may be lived in dignity, protected from political, economic and cultural hegemony of every kind.

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