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a quick and easy way to chisel at Cable News
I am disgusted by the way that The Cable News Industry
treats the Public as a homogenous mass, as though the
people are not their Market, but their Subjects. In
an ensemble as tight as the finest symphony orchestra,
these shameless "Journalists", spout whatever they are
handed without any questions (or answers). We The
People are supposed to have the power in this country,
and ultimately, we do have that power precisely BECAUSE
we are NOT homogenous. I have compiled a list of every
cable news show, show host, and comment email address
that I could find. I urge everyone to join me in
showering the True Homogenous entity, this pathetic
excuse for a Media, with raw evidence of our diversity
and unwillingness (I hope) to settle for the garbage
that is now somehow passing for news. By copying and
pasting this list into your, To: , field in the email
form, you can instantly express any thought or feeling
you would like to every figurehead in Cable News.
Please forward this to any persons who might want to contribute
a message (why not send it to EVERYONE), and maybe even
post this list on any message boards you might know of.


Oreilly (at), Cavuto (at),
Myword (at), Beltway (at),
Studiob (at), Patsajakweekend (at),
Ontherecord (at), Heartland (at),
Colmes (at), Hannity (at),
Foxreport (at), Newswatch (at),
FNS (at), Comments (at),
Comments (at), Foxmagazine (at),
Friends (at), Forbes (at),
Dayside (at), Cavuto (at),
Cash (at), Bullsandbears (at),
Beyondthenews (at), Atlarge (at),
Afterhours (at), Warstories (at),
foxfeedback (at), Foxnewsonline (at),
Comments (at), Viewerservices (at),
FOXaroundtheworld (at), hardball (at),
countdown (at), myquestion (at),
joe (at), AbramsReport (at),
Feedback (at), International (at),
businessdevelopment (at), ventura (at),
InsidePolitics (at), late.edition (at),
Reliable (at), TalkBack (at), banfield (at),
patricia.peart (at), MTP (at), Rush (at),
Imus (at), gordonliddy (at),
paulreveresociety (at), letters (at),
community (at)

Let's Do this.

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