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Repressing the First Ammendment on Pacific Ave.

Repression of the First Ammendment is rising on Pacific Ave. On Monday June 30th, two Downtown-For-All activists were ticketed for playing a video on the street in front of the Pacific Trading Company. A third man got a ticket for "sitting on" the recently adjusted Walnut St. planter. On Sunday July 6th, two men were arrested while distributing literature on Pacific Avenue. Both had their literature tables, signs, and literature confiscated by the police and taken in as evidence of their supposed crime.

While being filmed by fellow activists, both Steve Argue and Matt Hartogh refused to move their political table and refused to sign a ticket when asked to do so. Steve Argue instead cited the right to free speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution and pointed out that the Santa Cruz City Council and the arresting officers were the ones who were actually in violation of the law.

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