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Seismological Research Project

A massive research project will likely injure and kill marine mammals, fish, birds and turtles.
Seismological research project will likely injure or kill marine mammals, fish, birds and turtles

See below for information on who to contact to request that this potentially deadly experiment be postponed until it is assured that marine life will be fully and appropriately considered.

A massive international (US/Canada/Japan) seismological research project is planned for late August and early September, 2003, off the south coast of Vancouver Island. This project will use an extremely large air cannon, firing at a volume of 243dB. We understand that this level is higher than the seismic tests in Baja that killed beaked whales (see below). Apparently very few people or agencies knew about this project until the past week. By all appearances, this project was greased along the review process with incomplete data and now is being hurried up to meet a very tight and fast-looming time frame. Severe trauma to marine mammals will almost certainly result from this project if it is allowed to continue as planned, including the Southern Resident Community of orcas which is listed as Depleted under the MMPA in the US and as Endangered under the SARA in Canada.

This information is being gathered by other researchers that have less of an impact on ocean life.

Please visit the link and get the word out.

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